The 2010 Tom Cruise Movie Character Halloween Costume Pic Contest!


Attention all Tom Cruise fans, it’s time for the inaugural Tom Cruise Halloween Costume Contest! This a chance for movie fans to dress up as their favorite characters from Tom Cruise movies to show off their creativity, holiday spirit and win great prizes. Whether you’re looking to show off aviator spirit with a Top Gun costume, sliding across floors in your socks with a Risky Business costume, or bellowing outrageously in a Les Grossman costume, this is your chance to share your creations with a chance to win great prizes.

Visit the contest site to ENTER NOW.

Getting into the action is easy. Take a picture of yourself dressed up in your costume. Register at the official Tom Cruise Halloween Costume Contest site or at the contest page on Facebook.

There, you upload your photo and other fans have a chance to vote for their favorites. The costumes with the most votes will compete to win the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize: Tom Cruise DVD Set (all Tom Cruise movies on DVD) and a $200 Gift Certificate to
  • Second Place: Choice of any five (5) Tom Cruise movies on DVD.
  • Third through Fifth Place: Choice of any two (2) Tom Cruise films on DVD.

Contestants, get ready! Let your friends, family and online communities know all about your costume for voting. Remember to hit the share button to encourage your friends to vote. You can also log in using your Facebook credentials, making it even easier to share. Each bit of support you get puts you a step closer to winning these awesome prizes.

A few rules to go over: the Tom Cruise Halloween Costume Contest is open to United States residents, 18 and over. The contest begins Monday, October 25, 2010 and runs until November 1, 2010. More rules are available for review at the official contest site.

To give you some ideas for the contest, below are some of the most popular costume ideas born out of the Tom Cruise filmography. Take a look for inspiration from these perrenial costume classics or scour the classics.


1. Top Gun Costume – Enjoying a surge of popularity this year, the Top Gun Halloween costume looks to be a huge favorite with aviation fans, or anyone who wants to look cool in a flight jacket and a pair of Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. But it takes more than just some flying togs to really pull this costume off. A “need for speed” is almost mandatory for true Top Gun costume success.


2. Risky Business Costume – As noted in last year’s edition of the Halloween blog, While Tom popularized sliding across hardwood floors to the tune of Bob Seger’s classic, “Old-Time Rock and Roll,” it’s a legion of female fans who have in turn popularized the Risky Business Halloween costume. Ladies throughout North American now revel in the somewhat revealing combination of an Oxford shirt and short shorts, turning Halloween night into downright risqué business.

Tom Cruise Les Grossman Cell Phone

3. Tropic Thunder‘s Les Grossman Costume – Rocketing into popularity just like the character that inspired it, the Les Grossman Halloween costume can only be pulled off by holiday revelers with the bluster to not only ask for candy, but demand it. The high-volume movie mogul from played by Tom in the Tropic Thunder proved his popularity beyond the shadow of a doubt with appearances at the MTV movie awards and through development of his own movie :).

tom cruise lestat interview with a vampire

4. Interview With The Vampire Costume – One of two horror films Tom Cruise fans could call legitimate horror movies (the other being War of the Worlds) an Interview With the Vampire Halloween costume is assuredly appropriate for the spooky season. Tom’s portrayal of Lestat, the major anti-hero in the movie based on the novels of Anne Rice, predicted the current vampire craze. Pulling off a Lestat costume also takes a touch of savoir faire not found in the typical vampire get-up. We’re hoping for some real winners based on this iconic baddie.

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

5. Mission Impossible Costume – With the upcoming sequel, we’re excited to see all the super spy fans interpretations of a Mission Impossible Halloween costume. Imagine making an entrance to a Halloween party via hanging steel line? That would be awesome! For anxious movie fans, acting out your vision shouldn’t be impossible, but completely incredible.


There you have it movie fans and Halloween party people! We look forward to seeing all your submissions to the Tom Cruise Halloween Costume Contest either at the official site or on the official Facebook page. Remember to urge friends and family to vote either through your own efforts on social media or through the sharing buttons provided. Either way, make those votes happen!

Excited about the contest? Have any ideas for costumes to share? Let us know in the comments section below or get in touch through the official Twitter page. We’re always happy to hear from you.

  • Alexandra

    Dear Tom,
    It is terribly pity that I cannot take part in the contest. My costume from THE LAST SAMURAI is grate!
    It is pity!