Tom Cruise Jerry Maguire Co-Star Jonathan Lipnicki Speaks Up For Breast Cancer Research

tom cruise jonathan lipnicki jerry maguire

Jonathan Lipnicki, Tom Cruise’s young co-star in Jerry Maguire, has been noted for his work with charities including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The young actor may be best known as the cute, comedic foil to Tom in the 1996 romantic comedy, but he’s come into his own with his thoughtful participation in charitable causes throughout his career. The team at is happy to point to Jonathan’s involvement with cancer research, as well as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ongoing through October.

Throughout the entire month you may see the color pink showing up all over the place in recognition of breast cancer and it’s effect on the lives of many people. It’s the official color of breast cancer awareness, stemming from the ribbon campaign started by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In fact, today the LIVESTRONG Foundation (@LIVESTRONG) (founded by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong) will be monitoring Twitter and donating five cents for every mention of the hashtag #beatcancer. It’s an easy way for everyone on the social media channel to contribute and help an important cause through the generosity of this cancer research and awareness foundation.

Last year’s #beatcancer campaign set a Guinness world record for “most widespread social networking message” along with raising over $70,000 for cancer research – with only one cent getting pledged per mention! They are looking to break that record this year, and in the process raise five times as much money. :)

jonathan lipnicki modern portraitAs for Jonathan (seen in a current picture to the left), you can catch up with the Jerry Maguire co-star through his Twitter page. From the looks of it, the 19-year-old actor is busy with pre-production of a new movie and training hard for his second passion of mixed martial arts. That’s a long way from the little boy giving us facts about the weight of a human head. :)

Are you going to support cancer research through tweeting #beatcancer? What do you think of Jonathan Lipnicki’s involvement with cancer charities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • lucia margarida ferreira

    Linda campanha!!!! espero que possa atingir uma população que ainda tem carência de informação.
    Sucesso nessa caminhada. kisses.
    lucia *♡*

  • Alice

    wow, he turned out hot.

  • Vladimir Brodsky

    Mily Tome tady u Nas v Cechach prodavaji zlute kyticky na podporu boje proti Rakovine,kdyz Je potkam tak si taky rad koupim.Clovek nikdy nevi kdy Rakovina muze potkat Jeho zvlast,kdyz jsem Kurak…!!!

  • Alexandra

    It is good idea and the grate aim to help some people. If we can do something for it we must do it. And it is not hard to tweet and everybody can do it!
    It is grate!
    And it is very amazing that so young man think about it. Lest be honest, who did the same at 19 years old?
    I subscribe to this idea! Thank you very much that you do this word better!
    Best regards

  • emma

    hi i love u

  • Marcelo Caballero

    Very good.

  • Suzie

    I think as celebrities, you have an unreal advantage of bringing awareness to any charity, any cause in need. I commend those like Jonathon that are getting involved as such a young age. Kudos to him and I will definitely do what I can to tweet!!

    Side note: Based on your most recent tweet-I would love to guest blog on “What Movies Mean To Me”. You have no idea, I actually even partnered with a local magazine (in Hawaii) to start my own dedicated film newsletter because I love cinema and the arts so much. Would love the opportunity to share my story.

  • Vijai

    “What Movies Mean To Me”?

    It’s the Silver screen with Golden dreams, etched either in poetic master-pieces of showmanship or the thunderous arrival of block-bust-ing epics. Having waxed eloquent about Movies – the gift that they are to the mankind, it also represents the best of us. Why? As every film under the sun or shade, is inevitably and ultimately the aggregate output of a team. The best brought out by Unity, in Variety!! ” Cinema – thy name is wonderment! ~ v.vijai anto”

  • Dawn Logue

    I believe he is amazing for supporting such a cause. I have lost a great childhood friend to breast cancer and he has inspired me to leave my bitterness behind and get involved again. We need organizations like this to help beat breast cancer once and for all. Thank you for sharing this Tom Cruise and team. Keep up the notably noble work! Much love :~D

  • Jacqueline Barbour

    What movies mean to me?

    Movies are a visual art form that allows the viewers to feel and experience human emotions. Movies are an opportunity to escape to another world. They take me to me to a place in time to experience other lives. Within three hour span, I can feel love, empathy, fear, hope, joy, horror, happiness, ridicule, despair, sorrow, victory, and more, just by sitting in front of the screen.

  • Sherry

    “What Movies Mean to Me”
    Movies are much more than just entertainment. They inspire us to dream, to be more and do more. They show us heroes who overcome insurmountable obstacles, and underdogs who find the courage to reach their goals. Movies lift our spirit in troubled times. We sometimes remember in which theater we saw a particular movie 15 years ago, because of the impact that movie had on us, the way it made us feel.

    Tom Cruise fans can all relate to the idea of being influenced by movies. Tom takes us through a journey in his movies. We can relate to his characters, because his principles and ideals come through clearly. Is there one person who didn’t sit transfixed through the courtroom scene in “A Few Good Men”? Weren’t we all relieved and happy when Tom’s character and his wife in “The Firm” made it through their ordeal with the corrupt lawfirm?

    Some say the people we admire reflect the qualities that are important to us. So the actors and movies we are drawn to represent our best qualities. Next time you see a good movie, enjoy it, but also take to heart everything it teaches you.