Minority Report: Science Fiction Movie Technology Used in Real Life Advertising!


The technological world depicted in the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report keeps getting closer to becoming a reality everyday. As we’ve noted in previous blog posts, the movie correctly predicted the use of technology in crime prevention and user interface nearly a decade in advance. Now, some of the ideas regarding technology in advertising are beginning to come to fruition in the real world presaged by the Steven Spielberg film. Japanese eletronics giant NEC has made strides in facial recognition technology for use in billboard advertising, as reported on the Discovery Channel news site and from The Guardian newspaper.

This cutting-edge development in billboards, dubbed Panel Director by NEC, uses the cameras viewing crowds of people to match advertising messages to the person walking by a video billboard! Much like Tom’s character John Anderton encounter with holographic advertising in Minority Report, these new video screens are programmed to quickly determine a passer-by’s gender and approximate age to send a targeted ad. For instance, a woman in her 30s may receive a message tailored for women’s clothing or possibly food for dinner that evening.

Wow! Some of this new technology could be pretty useful. Imagine a world where you can find deals all the time on the things you want or need, specifically just for you! That may make life easier, even if some people feel it may be a little creepy that have billboards knowing what you want just before you do!

You can take a look below at the Minority Report trailer video to catch even more futuristic developments that may be on the way to reality:

While we can’t see into the future, the team at TomCruise.com is definitely looking forward to having a car we don’t have to drive hitting the streets soon.

What do you think of this new technology getting debuted for advertising? Do you think it’s going to help you? Or is it creepy and weird? Let us know in the comments section!

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All the best. :)

  • http://www.clever-alex.ru Alexandra

    Dear Tom,
    What about me it is creepy when billboards know what I want just before I do! But for some people it is way to make choose. From the other side billboards can give us an idea for our nearest future.
    Many times in our history men invent new things and technology which we use in reality (submarine, rockets, laser)
    In Minority Report we see our future. It come soon)))
    Best regards

  • http://www.clever-alex.ru Alexandra

    Dear Tom,
    As you know today two scientists received the Nobel prize for new material GRAFENE. And it is material for new types of screen like was in Minority Report. The future is here!

  • http://twitter.com/KashifPasta Kashif Pasta

    I was thinking about something like this just last week! If this sort of tech could match you to your facebook profile, it would know your demographic info, likes and dislikes and would be able to serve up the most relevant ad. If there were a large group of people (like, say, in an airport lounge), it could target ads at people who are looking in the screen’s direction, and figure out what’s most relevant to the group/most affluent people in the group based on facebook/twitter info too.