EXCLUSIVE: Knight and Day Premiere in Tokyo with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz!


UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS and new videos from the Knight and Day tour of Japan, including Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz appearing on a popular Japanese television show. トムクルーズとキャメロンディアス日本の人気テレビ番組に出演を含む日本のKnightと日ツアーから、新しいビデオやプレス写真。Find them near the bottom of this post :)

日本ではトムクルーズのファン:あなたは最高です! With Tom arriving in Tokyo for the premiere of Knight and Day with co-star Cameron Diaz, we got to see the passion of Japanese cinema lovers for ourselves! Team TomCruise.com was on the ground getting exclusive coverage of the event, including the thousands of fans lined up to meet Tom. The greeting was overwhelming!

Judging from the reaction to Tom and Cameron walking the red carpet for Knight and Day, this was an event Japanese cineastes had braced for! Take at look at exclusive videos both above and below of Tom greeting fans at the Roppongi Hills Arena, walking the red carpet to shake hands, sign autographs and take photos with the great fans in the Land of the Rising Sun. Along with the HD video we took of the occasion, we welcome fans around the world to with dozens of exclusive HD photos documenting the arrival of this new movie to Japan.

Knight and Day will be hitting screens throughout Japan in wide release on October 9.

We’re happy to be able to bring real movie fans like you closer to such an exciting and glamourous event! Let us guide you through the event as we saw it. For fans of Knight and Day, Tom Cruise, and Cameron Diaz – there’s only way to have gotten closer, being there yourself. ;)

A quick note: the team at TomCruise.com is still on the lookout for fan photos, videos and blogs. For any of the fans at the Japanese premiere of Knight and Day, feel free to message us in the comments section below to links of your experience. We’re happy to give you full credit on the blog and on Twitter for your contribution. Get in touch with us today!

Enjoy our coverage of the Knight and Day Tokyo premiere!

BELOW: The night started with thousands of fans crowding the Roppongi Hills Arena in anticipation of the arrival of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Both Japanese fans and international press crowded a stunning white stage built for the grand entrance. Eager fans lined up hours in advance to grab a coveted spot along a U-shaped red carpet for an opportunity to meet the stars. Take a look at this quick video panorama of the scene!

BELOW: The stars arrive! Tom and Cameron walked down the stairs of the stage to thundering applause from the assembled crowd. The international press showered the  Knight and Day pair in camera flashes as the stopped on their saunter to pose. The pair then walked past a bright red Ducati motorcycle on stage to take to a microphone for a few words to fans:


BELOW: Tom took the opportunity on stage for the Knight and Day premiere to thank all the wonderful fans for their support of the new movie. He also shared news about the production underway for the new installment of the Mission: Impossible series, Mission Impossible 4! Check it out:

BELOW: Check out that stage setting! The fans in Japan were treated to a visual spectacle par excellence. You can see the iconic Ducati motorcycle from Knight and Day off to the right of the beautiful set.


BELOW: Both Tom and Cameron were all smiles on their entrance to the arena, happy to see so many cinema lovers in attendance!


BELOW: A characteristically big wave on a big screen to welcome all the fans of Tokyo and beyond who made it to the Knight and Day premiere. Just like the premiere events including the world premiere in Sevilla, Spain and continental premieres in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, England and France, both stars were excited to share their art with the people of Japan.


BELOW: Tom and Cameron followed their introduction with an extended trip around the red carpet, signing away for as many fans as they could, taking pictures and greeting the great film lovers of Japan. Tom did take a moment away from fans to answer questions of the international press. The audio is a little quiet with the din of the crowd, but you can make out his quick explanation of  the concept behind Knight and Day:

BELOW: One moment in particular got the crowd and press to gush on the red carpet. A little girl in a bright red coat excitedly waited for Tom to arrive, her mother shouting to get the star’s attention. The little girl was overjoyed at his signing an autograph, as well as taking a photo with both she and her mother. About a zillion flashes went off from the press during the exchange, but the only camera that really mattered was returned to the happy little girl.

BELOW: As a father of three children himself, how could Tom resist stopping to make this little girl’s day? There was absolutely no chance this little girl was going home empty handed. You can see the excitement on her face in this photo as he approaches.


BELOW: Now that’s cute! If this photo got any sweeter, we would worry about getting a cavity. Who knows, maybe this little girl has a future in show business. With a smile like that, we don’t doubt it.


BELOW: Getting the whole family involved, Tom took time for a second snap with the little girl’s mother and her. We can’t tell who’s happiest, the girl, her mother, or Tom! He’s obviously happy to have made this family’s night and day.


BELOW: Speaking of family, we also spotted a pair of related film buffs. This father-son combination had come to the premiere prepared, having sketched portraits of both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz prior to the event! Now that’s dedication. As you can see in the video, Tom signs their sketchbook extra large.

BELOW: We catch the father son team here waiting in anticipation of both Tom and Cameron coming down the red carpet. That’s what you could call rapt attention.


BELOW: The multigenerational fan club had put some time and effort into their art work for the premiere. You can take a better look in the photo here. Perhaps the younger fan has a future in a cinematic art department? Perhaps manga or anime? Not a bad culture to live in if that’s the case!


BELOW: No matter how many fans have shown up for the events introducing Knight and Day throughout the globe, Tom Cruise has done his best to say hello to each and every one! Here he continues signing autographs and posing for fan photos.

BELOW: More signing for fans along the red carpet at the Tokyo premiere. We think the only thing stopping him from signing would be a shortage of ink at the Sharpie factory.

BELOW: We’ve included a round up of some iconic images from the rest of the Tokyo premiere of Knight and Day for your enjoyment. Some of fans, some of press, but all indicative of the excitement felt throughout Honshu with the landing on Knight and Day on Japanese soil.








BELOW: For everyone who wasn’t able to make it to the Tokyo premiere, you can fly in through the magic of Google Earth for an up close look at the amazing venue, the Roppongi Hills Arena. Check it out:

View Larger Map

BELOW: After all the excitement of the premiere, the team from TomCruise.com took to a Tokyo cafe to cool our heels before heading to bed. Catching our eye on the cover of the newsstand, a cover from a local publication:


Front page news! We were honored as guests of the Japanese people to have been a part of their cinema history with this premiere. Arigato gozaimasu!! どうもありがとう

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Tom and Cameron also spent some time talking Knight and Day on Japanese television, appearing on the popular talk show, Shabekuri007. We were on hand at the television studios to snap from behind the scenes to give you a glimpse of how the magic is made.

Tom Cameron Japanese TV 2

Tom Cameron Japanese TV 3

Tom Cameron Japanese TV 4

Tom Cameron Japanese TV 1

Check out the video clips from the show, below, filled with the high-energy style only available on Japanese television. We love it! 素晴らしい!

Those Japanese comedians are crazy! Even if there was a small language gap, you can tell Tom and Cameron had a ball on the popular show.

And that’s a wrap for every world premiere celebration of Knight and Day!! We were happy to travel the world, bringing the excitement of this action comedy to movie fans. For fans who weren’t able to make it to theaters, remember to keep checking the blog for news regarding the Blu-Ray and DVD release soon.

Were you at the Japanese premiere of Knight and Day in Tokyo? How about any of the other premiere events around the world? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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