Team #ICanChangeTheWorld Twitter Contest Winner Announced!

Last week, the team at announced a contest on the official Twitter page, challenging our fans and Twitter followers to create the most original tweets using #ICanChangeTheWorld for a chance to have $400 donated to their favorite charity. The response was overwhelming! Fans throughout the globe brightened cyberspace with inspirational messages. We sorted through the thousands of entries, started following the feeds of our Internet friends participating, and set about the hard task of finding the best replies.

Today, we have a winner!

Hailing from the United Kingdom, our friend Fayaz Issak (@fayazzy) set the Twitter stream on fire with dozens of hugely inspirational messages. His tweets are the kind we love to read: positive, hopeful and full of wisdom to help make the world a better place!

Congratulations on the winning the contest Fayaz!

In what can only be described as a proper British response, Fayaz comments on the win: “Thanks again! I’m well chuffed :)”

Take a look below at the incredible stream of #ICanChangeTheWorld tweets Fayaz wrote early and often from the start of the contest:

Find out which charity Fayaz chose to donate to after the jump.

Twitter Contest Winner Tweets1Twitter Contest Winner Tweets2Twitter Contest Winner Tweets3Twitter Contest Winner Tweets4

Fayaz chose the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Children’s Appeal to receive the $400 donation (roughly £254 for our British fans) to aid in saving children’s lives from the devastating effects of record floods. ”The Pakistan flood is one of the worst disasters that has ever happened, leaving millions of people without food or shelter,” Fayaz said. According to UNICEF, these torrential floods affected over 10 million children, more than all the people living in New York City. More even than the people affected by the South Pacific Tsunami and Haitian earthquake combined.

It’s a thoughtful choice, Fayaz. Team is more than happy to make this contribution to your chosen cause.

While the contest has ended, the team at feels your brilliant, positive and amazing efforts to change the world need to keep going. We encourage all of the fans on Twitter to keep posting with #ICanChangeTheWorld. With your wonderful ideas, we’re sure the world will be a better place. :) If you’re more of a Facebook user, we still encourage you to voice your positive ideas. Visit the official Facebook page and let us know on our Wall how you would change the world for the better.

If you have any ideas about how you can change the world and would like to share them here, don’t be shy to put them in the comments to this post below! We love hearing from you.

  • Alexandra

    To make world better it need not to make something amazing and expensive. Only do you job good, help one person and one animal a day and the world will be better. Every day I feel a homeless animal in my yard. Every day I smile to old women on the bench near the house. Every day I do my job best of all and people thank me.
    Like Fayaz gave $400 to people who need the help. every body can do the same. It is not much money, it will not help everyone, but it can and it help one of them and the world become better and light.
    Thank you very much for your activity. You make us remember that we live not only for ourselves.

  • Muneeb Shahid

    Thank you so very much Tom. Fayaz really deserved the reward and especially for a cause like UNICEF Pakistan Flood Children’s Appeal. The flood waters here in most part of Pakistan didnt just flow on its way back to the river. The plain lands that were worst hit by the flood water got stagnant flood water that just stayed there and didn’t move. It is receding slowly; some by soil absorption and other by evaporation. In such a devastating time, we are doing everything we can for the people. I on behalf of the people of Pakistan am hopeful that with people like you and Fayaz on my side, #ICanChangeTheWorld.