Tom Cruise Hit Top Gun Lands in Top 5 Patriotic Movie List!


Top Gun chronicled Naval aviators like Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, as they trained to be the “best of the best.” Now the legendary 1986 action movie is itself listed among the very best in patriotic movies ever made! The democratic ideals of the United States – along with some serious Cold War butt kicking – were on full display in the Tony Scott directed film. According to the list published by the Babble blog, Tom’s performance as Maverick made the ladies swoon while ratcheting up the tension during dogfighting sequences.

To quote Kenny Loggins from the Top Gun soundtrack, “closer to the edge, the hotter the intensity!” Evident from the movie’s outcome, anyone messing with the red, white and blue was going to wind up in the “Danger Zone.”

Top Gun debuted as the top-grossing film in the country, marking Tom’s first collaboration with Hollywood super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The pair went on to collaborate again on’ Tom’s 1990 NASCAR action flick, Days of Thunder, along with Top Gun co-producer Don Simpson.

Here’s the Top Gun trailer to remind how this movie was able to take the breath away from audiences nationwide:

The other four films that made the Top 5 on the Babble article include the following, along with a short recap:

  • Independence Day – Actor Will Smith leads the charge in this 1996 space epic pitting the fate of the human race against a worldwide invasion by sinister aliens. Noted for mindblowing special effects, American bravery and ingenuity figured prominently in the story.
  • Forrest Gump – Covering decades of 20th century American history through the eyes of the title character played by Tom Hanks, this movie showcased the immense opportunities available in America for those willing to grab them, regardless of the sacrifice.
  • The American President – A classic portrait of the highest office in the county, the Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) script was brought to life by the charms of Michael Douglas and Annette Benning.
  • Pearl Harbor – Another Jerry Bruckheimer produced monster starring Ben Affleck dramatized the tipping point for the United States as the country plunged into World War II, to emerge as one of the world’s leaders following the unforgettable conflict.

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top gun poster

What are your Top 5 favorite patriotic movies – for the United States or any other country!? Does Top Gun make your list? Do any of these movies? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • monica serra

    Tom Cruise …. ótimo ator …. eu amo o Tom ele é bonito, talentoso… humilde, assisti a todos os seus filmes…. você merece tudo que conquistou… sou sua fã.

  • monica serra

    quero muito assistir a continuacao do filme entrevista com vampiro… a volta de lestat !!!

  • Alexandra

    My Top 5 favorite patriotic movies are
    5. North and South of Richard T. Hefferton
    4. Pearl Harbor of Michael Benjamin Bay
    3. Forrest Gump of Robert Zemeckis
    2. Born on the Fourth of July of William Oliver Stone
    1. Top gun of Tony Scott
    Thank you very much for you outstanding films

  • zu

    TOP GUN é um filme maravilhoso como todos os que tom cruise faz ele é simplesmente DEMAIS

  • wendell edgard

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    ah, one more thing … Sabrina Sato was taking over you shamelessly xD

  • patirck ford


  • Marcia Poblete Guerrero

    Tom Cruise es lo mejor que puede existir, un hombre excelente, lindo maravilloso, se ve un men humilde, sencillo, excelente actor……….
    Todas sus movies son geniales, las he visto toda ya que soy fanatica de Tom por siempre lo sere. Me Encanta, sigue asi tom no cambies nunka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Je t`amour.

  • Fátima

    Tom Cruise es tremendo actor, uno de mis favoritos, he visto casi todas sus películas y las veo una y otra vez y no paro de sorprenderme con su talento. Saludos desde mi noble país Honduras.

  • regina cortez

    u did it again tom! Top Gun , my all time favorite! after 24 years, still the BEST!!!!!!

  • Paul E. Nimnicht II

    Do TopGun II and inspire more pilots. By the way I act as well Lol

  • Hope

    When I was 13 years old on my birthday, I watched Top Gun for the first time. I love Top Gun!! It’s my all time favorite 80′s movie!!!! That movie was my first *Young* Tom Cruise movie. I fell in love with Maverick and Goose. Now, that I’m 16 years old, i still watch Top Gun. I watch it all the time!!! I have probably watched Top Gun at least 200 times……. and counting!! Top Gun will live on forever!!!

    Heres to you Top Gun

    “I Feel The Need…….The Need For Speed!”
    “The Best of the Best”

    Thanks Tom (Maverick) for making it happen!!!!