Mission Impossible 4 Gets Backing from Producer David Ellison

mission impossible 4 david ellison

As Mission Impossible 4 starring Tom Cruise continues through pre-production in preparation to start filming, some news has come out from Paramount Pictures regarding the film. Skydance Productions founded and headed by producer/actor David Ellison, has joined forces with the vaunted studio to finance the latest installment in the legendary action series!

Ellison previously produced and acted in the WWI action flick Flyboys starring James Franco. Now turning to the business end of show business, the young Hollywood player has partnered with Paramount not only on the next Mission Impossible, but in producing the next Coen Brother’s film, True Grit. Talk about youth being served! Getting to work with Tom Cruise and a pair of Oscar winning brothers marks a great start to a career.

The Mission Impossible action series enters its fourth episode with Tom reprising his role as Ethan Hunt – CIA super spy, master of disguise and all-out hero. The first three films in the series are worldwide hits, combining for over $1.4 billion in total box office revenue!

Tom is looking forward to ramping up the action again – returning to collaborate as on the story with J.J. Abrams. The Bad Robot chief also returns to team with Tom as a producer.

While rumors swirl around the pick to direct and co-star the action epic, we firmly believe the chosen collaborators will be ready to do an incredible job. Stay tuned for more info as the team at TomCruise.com is able to verify these exciting developments.


Are you looking forward to the production of Mission Impossible 4? Have any ideas about who should direct and co-star? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • http://twitter.com/diegosimion Diego Henrique

    I would love to be in this project! I’ll be a great supporting actor! ;D

  • Catia

    I’m already eager to see M:I4!

  • Jose

    Fabulous mission impossible!!!
    Great Tom cruise!!!
    I’m waiting for news ;)

  • http://www.relivyournet.com Greg Renstrom

    Looks great make it greater expectations will be very high!

  • http://www.relivyournet.com Greg Renstrom

    I want to be the mega bad guy Make Gene Hack man look like a wimp.

  • Peggy Lee

    I can’t wait for this movie,I would like to see more of Tom Cruise shirt off.That will keep my attention wow!

  • Vishal

    Please make it in 3D. I saw resident evil in 3D was awesome. U can make something like that. Wud love to see tom in 3D

  • http://N/A William Ogilvy

    Awesome… :P

  • hebinda pun kayat

    i think in mi4 villain should be jhon travolta he is a master piece in his negative roles…..

  • Tito Kinuthia

    Cruise as Ethan Hunt Costarring John Travolta as the bad guy!

  • Alexandra

    Dear Tom,
    May be it is time for Ethan Hunt come to Russia. For example: there is rebellion in very secret military base in deep forest in Syberia. And the aim of Ethan Hunt to stop the word war and receive some secret documents about new Russian weapon.
    What is regarding of so-star, I think that it will be good film with Tom, Brad Pitt and Demi Moore.
    I think that the best director will be Brian De Palma or George Lucas
    I fill an believe that MI4 will be very good film

  • Karla M.

    What about Zachary Quinto, he looks like a villain, and this new film is more MacGyver, and do crazy things without so much technology. To project success!!

  • Anne

    Tom, I really glad about hearing the news of your new movie. I was always fascinated in your all movies. In the films, you were so sparkling and charming just yourself. Every year I waiting for watch your new movie. I just want to tell you about how happy I am when you play the role of some story, I feel like talking with you when I watch your movies.

  • sunny

    Tom, its gr8 that ur back wid MI-4, try to make this in 3-D, john travolta can be best choice for negative role, and it can be gr8 movie if directed by steven speilberg…..