What Movie Will You See This Weekend? #myweekendmovie

Last weekend we asked “What movie will you see this weekend?” and had fun watching our topic #myweekendmovie go on to trend at Twitter. This week we’ve decided to make things a bit more formal with an actual poll! So, let us know what movie will you see this weekend?

Here’s the poll:

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See you at the movies!

  • rk rapollo

    Will see movie “expandable” fr this weekend

  • Ameliathen

    Will see” the killer” fr this weekend

  • http://twitter.com/luluxforever lucia margarida ferreira

    Querido…lindo trabalho. DESEJO MUITAS FELICIDADES SEMPRE!!!
    abraços, lu

  • http://www.myspace.com/vinnievel Vinnie

    Dance with me Gwen. Gwen Stefani was the inspiration for it.

  • fia

    Will see the last samurai again, it’s heroic!

  • http://google Janis LaFreniere

    I love all of your movies, I want to see a romance, Jackie Collins said this movie was great and I’ve always loved Woody Allen movies. They are either hilarious or just intelligent. I can like stupid movies, like dumb and dumber but my heart is in the musical or the romance movies and no one makes them anymore. That’s why I’m so happy you are doing Rock of Ages!! I loved the play so much!! I need escapism. I’m hoping that this movie Midnight In Paris will be what I’m looking for, sorry I tend to ramble. You probably noticed.