You’re Fired! Jerry Maguire Leads List of Famous Movie Workplace Exits

Whether you’re a high-powered sports agent or a flight attendant,  chances are you’ll someday have to make an exit from the workplace. While saying goodbye to a job is never easy, some people handle these departures with grace.

And then there’s the other kind.

People seeking inspiration for a dramatic decampment can draw from plenty of great film scenes through cinema history. However, it’s Tom Cruise’s Oscar-nominated performance in Jerry Maguire that leads the list in a story from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

Jerry – played by Tom – pours his heart into a mission statement outlining how he feels his business could change for the better. In return, he’s shown the door! In one of the more memorable movie moments of Tom’s career, he makes his exit.

Check out the clip:

While not quite as succinct as pulling a chute to slide from an airplane, the emotion is basically in the same place. ;) Tom’s character puts into words what nearly many leaving a job have felt. He evens inspires a long-suffering secretary Dorthy (played by Renée Zellweger) – and probably the fish he takes with him – to leave with their dignity.

Meanwhile, most of the other folks in the fictional sports agency keep their seats. Chickens!


Jerry’s exit defies most – if not all – the rules of leaving a job without burning bridges. But what fun would that be to watch ;)

Other films making the CBC list include memorable exits from movies like Office Space and American Beauty; different styles than Tom’s but both entertaining nonetheless.

What’s your favorite scene of leaving a job in the movies? Have you ever gotten dramatic leaving a job in real life!? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Dalia

    really love this movie, it’s one of my favs

  • MCG

    I say this would be THE BEST SCENE OF LEAVING A JOB IN THE MOVIES. \mmm/ ♥

  • Fátima

    Amo esta película, ¡la actuación de Tom es simplemente fabulosa!