Tom Cruise Motorcycle Stunts ‘Intense’ Says Knight and Day Star!


While he may never look like it fazes him, even Tom Cruise feels some nerves while filming wild action scenes. Take for example some of the motorcycle stunts for Knight and Day with co-star Cameron Diaz.

One sequence had the action stars charge into the fray of galloping bulls in Seville, Spain. Tom later revealed to the British press how intense the stunt really was.

“There are certain days when you do some hairy stunts – you just want to be cool; you don’t want to make a big deal of it, everyone wants to be chilled about it, but it was intense,” Tom said.

Tom has repeatedly talked about how “intense” the filming and  and stunt work was on Knight and Day.

“I always thought I wanted to run with the bulls until I was on a motorcycle doing it, running and getting ping-ponged into walls with big bulls in front of us. I was just thinking to myself, ‘Do not go down on this motorcycle with Cameron on the back’.”

Here are some other thoughts on the intensity of shooting Knight and Day that Tom shared with the team at exclusively at the premiere of the movie in Seville!

Tom – a noted motorcycle enthusiast – had wanted to coordinate these kinds of dangerous stunts, particularly with an athletic co-star like Cameron Diaz.

“It was a stunt that I had wanted to do in a movie for a while – for me to flip someone around on a motorcycle. There were just moments when I couldn’t wait to see what [Cameron] would do,” he added.


What do you think about Tom’s stunt work in Knight and Day? Do you think that’s too risky for a star like Tom? Would you want to ride a motorcycle with the bulls?! Let us know in the comments sections below.

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  • ashley

    Knight and Day is the coolest movie ever! Tom Cruise is better than ANY James Bond! Action packed and I Luvs It! :)

  • Patrick Ford

    SWEET PICS // VIDEO)(:)~

  • Renee

    The stunt work in Knight and Day was terrific! The film was great fun, the movie accomplished all that it was set out to do! Loved it! Well done Tom and Cameron for an action packed funny movie!

  • Omi

    I went and saw this movie 7x on the big screen! KNIGHT and DAY may seem like just another action-packed spy movie to some who are quick to judge, but they’ll be missing a lot, because it isn’t at all! For me, it’s the characters that make this film so endearing! And the way Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz portrayed them is just PERFECT! ♥ And the very sweet and yet subtle romance of it, is unlike any I’ve ever seen! I love their chemistry, and how funny & crazy the entire story is! I will definitely be waiting with eager anticipation for the DVD! I do hope they release a special extended version with lots of special features! ^__^ ♥

  • Marie Cecile

    I really like this movie! a lot :D
    & the interview of this post is funny! ;)
    That’s a cool movie with action and fun!
    Tom Cruise is really excellent in this movie, one more time! :D
    Just amazing as usual! :)

  • Víctor Manuel Arellano Vaca

    Los quiero felicitar popr su trayectoria artistica a ambos, sin embargo soy fan número uno de TOM CRUISE, desde joven ceo que somos casi de la misma edad, tengo 49 años y desde RISKYS BUSISNES, cuano Tom tendría 17 0 18 yo me enamore de él¡ y siempre me han gustado sus peliculas, july 4, fue una evocación especial.. también me gustó el personaje de LESTAT en entrevista con el vampiro; en fin es un gran actor además de galan. te mando mi amor. sinceramente: Víctor Arellano

  • http://...... chanu

    i think Knight and Day shows us combination of tom’s action….Great… im waiting for another expensive kind of film

  • Iseult Healy

    Knight and Day. Hilarious! Best entertainment for a long time in a cinema. Tom… wonderful choice!

  • Anita

    If just returned from seeing the movie for a second time! It’s true: better than any “Bond”-film!
    Love the movie – lot’s of fun and action! Tom would be the only one I’d trust to be on the back seat of a motorcycle. ;) If Tom trusts in himself that he can do these risky stunts, he should do them of course! :)

  • visarah

    j’aime bien la film..
    c’est tres superbe!!!!
    bravo pour vous,Tom Cruise