TRAILER: Katie Holmes Starring in Upcoming Movie, The Romantics!

Katie Holmes is starring in the new movie, The Romantics! The movie hits theaters throughout the United States on September 10.

Check out the trailer below:

Katie is joined by Oscar nominee Anna Paquin, currently in the spotlight for her work on the television series, True Blood. She also plays opposite Josh Duhamel, famed for his work on the Transformers movies, to complete a complicated love triangle.

To summarize the plot: Laura (Holmes) is the maid of honor for her friend Lila (Paquin). Lila happens to be marrying Laura’s old college boyfriend, Tom (Duhamel). Sparks fly as the trio sort their feelings during a wild wedding weekend. Surrounded by their quirky college clique, the rivalry between the two friends for the love of one man comes to a head.

We’re biting our nails with the tension! We can’t wait to see The Romantics and find out how this gripping dramatic romance will play out.

You can grab tickets to see The Romantics online though Fandango or Make sure you have a seat waiting for you!

Writer and director Galt Niederhoffer set the story among a set of college friends reuniting for the wedding. The ensemble will include actors Adam Brody, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood and Candice Bergen. The Romantics gleaned plenty of buzz through its debut this year at the Sundance Film Festival – so we’re excited to catch it for ourselves.

Take a look at the poster for the movie below:


If you would like to download the trailer for The Romantics in high definition, it’s available on the Apple website. Share it with your friends!

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  • Patrick Ford

    i love it)(:)~

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    i miss Katie Holmes so much back in the movie! then here u are,Katie! :D

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE !!! :)

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    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa katie homes )(:)~

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    can’t wait to see this movie!!katie glad to se you back making movies!: )