Knight and Day co-stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on Cover of Harper’s Bazaar Japan!


Arigato gozaimasu to our friends at Harper Bazaar, Japan! Both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, stars of Knight and Day, landed on the cover of the Japanese edition of the famed women’s fashion monthly. The magazine put the megawatt smiles of the couple on newsstands throughout the island nation for its September issue.

How cool is that!?

The stars’ cover appearance comes in advance of the October 9 release of Knight and Day throughout Japan. Tom will be heading to Tokyo in October for the premiere event of Knight and Day in Japan and Asia. Stay tuned and we’ll update you as soon as a date is confirmed!

Take a look below at the international trailer for Knight and Day:

Just like his visits to Spain for the Knight and Day world premiere, there will be plenty of glamor.

Just like the South American tour for premieres in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City there will be crowds of enthusiastic fans.

And just like the European tour through Munich, London and Bordeaux, fans will get the opportunity to mix with Tom and Cameron.

Here’s the chance for all our Japanese fans to meet Tom, take a photo or have him sign an autograph. Keep checking in, we’ll update everyone with details on the event – including how you can participate in the action!

What do you think about Tom and Cameron on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar? Are you excited for the Japan premiere of Knight and Day? How about both!? Let us know in the comments section, or  keep in touch on the official Facebook page or by following the Twitter feed!

Ja, mata ne!

  • ashley

    oh my gosh that’s gorgeous! I Loooooove that movie! He’s back in the Mission Impossible mood again, at his prime of jumpin around(well onto speeding vehicles) haha. They both rocked in this movie! Can’t wait to buy it!!!! *Ash*

  • Akeelah

    Nice! :D

  • ameliathen

    Wo..awesome..Tom. Is a nice it.

  • Roynette Brown

    Hey Tom,

    Love the Harper’s Bazaar, Japan Cover. Thanks for continuing to entertain us with great movies.

    Many Blessings,


  • http://orkut tais da silveira

    lindo, sexy, maravilhoso!! não tenho mais adjetivos ,pra descrever tom cruise! seja sempre assim…

  • jasmin

    I am excited that there is a new movie of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz as I love both of them :)

  • Paula Barbosa

    They both are fantastic in the pic. I love Knith and Day!! Beijos

  • rita

    I love Tom Cruise and all his films, especially his last film and the good couple with Cameron Diaz. what is your opinion, guys?

  • ajay


  • Marcelo Caballero

    Tom: Japan is beautiful. I hope to go to Japan. Congratulations on this !!!

  • Deepa alasubramanian

    Dear Tom…amazing movie after a long time..and its so good to see you. Im waiting for you to consider making a sequel to Top Gun :)..God bless you!

  • Howard Yang