Access Hollywood ranks the Top 10 Tom Cruise Scenes!


Hi everyone! Checking back in with news from our friends at Access Hollywood, who put together a list of the Top 10 Tom Cruise scenes over the course of his career! Must have been hard to narrow it down to 10 scenes! Make it five movies, then maybe. But in all the classics Tom’s done? Tough call!

We won’t ruin the fun of reading their report, but needless to say, a certain motor-mouthed producer seen in the picture above makes one of the entries. Take a look below at the countdown to see if your favorite Tom Cruise scene made the list!

10. Tom’s bartending scene from Cocktail


Here’s a moment of Tom showing a little bit of charm and swagger – taking claim of the New York high life with choreographed bottle flipping and drink pouring aside co-star Bryan Brown in this late 80s gem. Tom’s fans caught both his playful and serious sides in this performance – providing a nearly pitch perfect slice of the time it was filmed in.

9. Tom’s casino scene from Rain Man


One of the most recognizable moments from Tom’s dramatic performance alongside Oscar-winning co-star Dustin Hoffman, this action-packed sequence provides the basis for a later turning point in the film. This scene shows Tom’s character, Charlie Babbitt, pulling in stacks of casino chips with the help of his autistic, but brilliant, brother Raymond (Hoffman). Following this scene, Charlie comes to realize his love and affection for his autistic brother overrides his selfish desire for money.

8. Tom’s motivational speech from Magnolia


Tom took an artistic risk with this part in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1999 ensemble drama, stretching to play the misogynistic self-help guru Frank Mackey. Tom’s high-energy delivery during this scene set at a seminar on how to pick up dates sets the tone for the character, heightening the character’s later emotional vulnerability in one of the movie’s climactic scenes. For his inspired performance, Tom earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

7. Tom jumps car-to-car in Minority Report


In a Steven Spielberg-directed film replete with stunning images and even more mind-bending action, Tom’s mid-air leap from flying cars stood out to the Access Hollywood editors. While the futuristic setting may have been novel, the stakes for Tom’s character were deadly familiar. If he doesn’t make this jump, he’s history! We had to watch this one between our fingers. ;)

6. “You Can’t Handle the Truth” from A Few Good Men


One of Tom’s signature performances, he goes toe-to-toe with Hollywood’s heaviest of heavyweights in this exchange with Jack Nicholson. Playing Naval attorney Daniel Kaffee, Tom slowly coaxes the honest facts from Col. Jessup (Nicholson) – that Jessep himself ordered the fatal beating of a Marine under his command on Guantanamo Bay. The scene climaxes with Nicholson roaring, “You can’t handle the truth!” defiantly into Tom’s face. We still think Tom’s resolve under pressure during the argument was awesome!

5. Tom hangs upside down during Mission: Impossible break-in scene

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Another of the most iconic images from Tom’s career, we’re introduced to the preternatural calm of Tom’s Mission: Impossible alter ego: Special Agent Ethan Hunt. In one of the defining moments for the Hunt, he deftly stays inches above a pressure sensitive floor in order to avoid capture as he breaks into CIA headquarters in Langley, Virgina! With the fourth installment of the series heading into production, it’s safe to say this type of scene is something fans can’t get enough of.

4. “Show Me The Money!” from Jerry Maguire


For his performance as the on-the-edge sports agent, Tom received one of his two Oscar nominations for best actor in a leading role. In this legendary scene – from which sprang the universal catch-phrase “Show me the money!” – Tom assures his last remaining client, Rod Tidwell, of his allegiance to him. Cuba Gooding Jr. won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his depiction of Tidwell in the Cameron Crowe directed movie.

3. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder


Now in talks to star in a comedy revolving around the hyper-aggressive and ruthless movie producer, Les Grossman, Tom’s take on the stereotypically pushy and lewd earned some of the biggest laughs in this 2008 film. Nearly always screaming a profanity or making a comment that would cut to the bone, audiences couldn’t get enough of Tom playing against type as this overbearing – and overweight – producer.

2. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” duet with Anthony Edwards in Top Gun


While music nearly always makes an impact through Tom’s movies, he’s not known to be the one to sing it. However, this musical moment alongside co-star Anthony Edwards in Top Gun cements Tom’s romance with Kelly McGillis’ character Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, and secured his reputation as a romantic leading man.

1. Tom’s Dance Scene from Risky Business


Here’s the scene that allowed Tom to burst into the national consciousness and marked the emergence of a new star! Sliding across the hardwood to the strains of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll,” Tom slide into the hearts of movie fans the world over.

One of the only things missing from this story is an entry from the new Tom Cruise summer movie, Knight and Day. Check it out – you may find your new favorite Tom Cruise movie moment!

What’s your favorite scene from Tom’s films? Something funny? Something action-packed? Or maybe something more serious? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Jeff Eggerding

    Show me the money

  • Denis Soto

    Lady’s man, greetings from Venezuela… that you continue harvesting successes.

  • leigh pleace

    I do not know how you can choose a top 10 for tom cruise. SERIOUSLY, every scene tom cruise is in he aces it. I do have to say though i do think Knight and Day are one of the best movies Tom Cruise has done. I cant wait for mission impossible 4!!
    Dont stop doing what you do best tom because the movie industry would be nothing with out you.

  • patirck ford


  • novie

    The one from Top Gun. I have been a fan of Tom since then. I was in Indonesia at that time. I had never imagined that I’d meet Tom in person when he was in Singapore.

  • Lu Castro

    Pode votar em todas as cenas? Eu voto em TODAS essas cenas!

  • Catia

    Hard choice, but the scene of magnolia that Frank is in the interview is the my favorite scene ! Funny !

  • Alexander Abbühl

    Hi Tom really liked all your movies but the best I find the new film with Diaz Knight and Day

  • alfredo mattozzi

    1:rainman 2:topgun 3:riskybusiness 4:interwiew whit the vampire 5:minority report 6:jerry meguire 7:mission impossible 8:coctail 9:magnolia 10:vanilla sky

  • Ozlem Yazici

    Top Gun, Tropic Thunder, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire are my favorites :)))

  • Carol Brownell

    The only scenes I think are missing are the final scene in Jerry McGuire “you complete me..and you had me at Hello” Excellent scene even if it is corny beyond belief and has since become a line to poke fun. Every woman wanted Tom to say those things to her!

    The second scene that I looove is the fight scene with Kelly Mcgillis in “Top Gun” where she says “I was holding something back…I didn’t want anyone to know that I have fallen for you …” which ends them in bed. That slow seductive scene made every girls knees weak (and it wasn’t even graphic!) And he made sure there was chemistry without vulgarity.

    I happen to love all of his older films. It seems some of his latest films lack the spark that the younger Cruise showed. In spite of this I am forever a fan!

  • kuldeep kaushik

    my most favourite tom cruise scene is from MI2 when he blass off a door and from that burning first enters a white pigeon and then tom crosses by the door its my most favourite tom cruise scene

  • Rochelle

    In every film tom has a “Top Scene” ;-)

  • Patricia

    My favorite scene is “You Can’t Handle the Truth” from A Few Good Men

  • Kalum

    So many great scenes, would have to put his duet with Anthony Edwards from Top Gun in at my number 1 though. And I would probably put the Volleyball scene from Top Gun somewhere in that list. I think we can safely say Tom has had some of the most memorable moments in movie history.

  • Angelica

    Hi! Eu adorei todas as cenas. Tom é fantastico. Adoro o trabalho dele!
    Meu twitter: @angeliicasilva
    O Brasil também adora o TOM.

  • Rohan Morbey

    Tom getting smashed into the car after a missle hits the bridge in M:I:III

  • Cally

    One of my favorite scenes is Ethan Hunt hanging from that cliff in M:I2 while being on holidays.
    And Les Grosmann is hilarious.

  • Linda

    My favorite is Tom and Dustin Hoffman coming down the escalator in matching suits from Rainman. He was and is the best looking man ever!

  • Arpit Chahar

    hey tom,,,,,i am from India…..what i am writing is directly from bottom of my heart…..u look great, sexy, smart and much more to say dear….i am huge fan of yours…..
    Love you brother.

  • kimc333

    I love all these scenes! What a great career!

  • http://twitter Lectrice

    I love Tom cruise young ,then and now my favorite is Minority report with Cocktail coming in second of course Risky business and the train scene made me Fall in love and look he grew up to be a great dad and husband go figure XOXOXO Love you Mr Cruise

  • Greg

    What about “Yo Homie”

  • Greg

    What about “Yo Homie”