VIDEO: Knight and Day co-star Peter Sarsgaard at Comic-Con for Green Lantern!

Another Tom Cruise collaborator hits the superhero scene! This time it’s Knight and Day co-star Peter Sarsgaard starring in the first installment of the Green Lantern series, taking the role of the villainous – and huge brained – Hector Hammond. Check out a sweet fan-made trailer for his new movie below!

Looks awesome! Peter joined Green Lantern co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in a panel about the movie at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 24. The annual international comic book convention draws some of the world’s most hardcore superhero fans. According to a story from MTV, here’s what the Knight and Day co-star had to tell them about his new role:

“I was very interested in his origin story in the movie. … What he becomes is an expression of what he had inside of him all along. I remember telling Martin that [Hector] seemed like the kind of kid who licked the battery or went on the roof during a thunderstorm with a hanger, just to find out what happened.”

In response to which superhero character he would dress up as to attend the massive comic book and collectible convention as a fan, Sarsgaard revealed his fondness for Captain America.

After playing the evil, turncoat FBI agent in Knight and Day, and taking another villainous role, we can see how Peter would want to lighten it up! We’re all for it, since he’s such a nice guy in person. Here’s an interview following Knight and Day where he talks kindly about working with Tom. Check it out!

Nicest ever! We hope for all the success in the world for Peter on his new movie. Check out a Green Lantern poster featuring Mr. Sarsgaard below!


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