Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz in Green Hornet Trailer!

While Knight and Day marches on in theaters throughout the nation and world, Tom Cruise co-star Cameron Diaz is moving forward on her next project. The sexy silver screen siren shows up in the trailer for The Green Hornet, playing the female lead alongside Seth Rogan in the title role!

Using the  same feminine charms and tomboy humor that led her to success in Knight and Day as June Havens, Diaz shows up as the capable secretary and right-hand woman, Lenore Case. Even if a little more subdued than her final scenes alongside Tom. ;)

Take a look at the trailer below for a glimpse of Cameron in action!

Looks awesome! Only the best wishes to Cameron on the new movie – we love to see her in action-packed roles, just like she played alongside Tom in Knight and Day.

The Green Hornet is slated for release throughout the United States on January 14, 2011.

Remember Knight and Day remains in theaters nationwide and in countries worldwide! Catch the extended trailer below for a peak into the action from Tom and Cameron.

Knight and Day continues to roll around the world, with recent openings in Brazil, Mexico and India drawing out Tom’s global fan base. To all the fans wherever you are: you guys are the best!

What do you think of Cameron’s role in The Green Hornet? What about her work with Tom in Knight and Day!? Give us a shout in the comments below and let us know!

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  • Chris Bryan

    Dear Tom,

    I’ve been hearing a lot of both the Green Lantern and the Green Hornet movies. Of course, the Green Hornets are the mascot of Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Texas, where my mother went to High School.

    Cameron’s getting a lot of roles these days.

    Chris Bryan

  • valeria_72

    CAMERON IS SO FUNNY!!!! love that for her!! kisses!!