‘Knight and Day’ stars Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz Race and Laugh on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’

Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise on 'Top Gear'Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise stopped by the BBC’s  ”Top Gear” television program following a tour to introduce their latest movie – Knight and Day – in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Co-star Cameron Diaz and Tom put a KIA hatchback through it’s paces in a major way and really got the crowd going when Tom put the KIA up on two wheels!

BELOW: Up on two wheels!! WHOA! Tom definitely has the “need for speed” – this driving proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt! Powering through the challenge in what the Top Gear hosts call ‘a reasonably-priced car,’ breaking the season record with a time of 1:44.2. Way to go Tom!


BELOW: We don’t think Tom even broke a sweat hitting that corner…he’s constantly racing around on two wheels anyway! Ever seen the motorcycle scenes in Knight and Day? Or on the streets of Spain? Tom’s driving skills are for real!

We’re guessing from the look on host Jeremy Clarkson’s face, there were some sighs of relief with all points of the car made it back on the track. Hey, Tom was just doing what it took to win the challenge. ;)


BELOW: Cameron Diaz also showed off the driving skills she perfected during the shooting of Knight and Day and from her days of racing in her hometown of Long Beach, CA for the Toyota Grand Prix. The sultry screen siren scored at the top of the leader board with a time of 1:45.2 – right up until Tom’s time was revealed.

Cameron Diaz during her record setting run on 'Top Gear!'

Cameron Diaz during her record setting run on ‘Top Gear!’

BELOW: Tom and Cameron got to pose with – and receive racing instruction from – legendary Top Gear driver, The Stig! Shortly after Tom’s appearance on the British racing show, The Stig took his helmet off for the first time to reveal himself as none other than Formula Three and IndyCar driver, Ben Collins. In his newly released autobiography, “The Man in the White Suit: The Stig, Le Mans, The Fast Lane And Me” published by HarperCollins this month, Collins commented that Tom was his favorite celebrity to have worked with on the show!

“The final contestant was Tom Cruise who was just amazing,” Collins said. “Just a brilliant guy to meet. He was very focused and intent on setting the fastest time – which he did. He nearly flipped the car onto its roof but he kept his foot down hard into the accelerator into the finish line.”


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    Tom and Cameron : fast and dangerous, but handle very well. A hug for the two .

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    That was impressive. I have been watching top gear for years and I have never seen anything like that. Very few actors can talk the talk and walk the walk like these two!

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    SWEET VIDEO )(:)~

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    I have been watching Top Gear since a kid and that was most impressive lap put together by non F1 races ever in Top Gear history.

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    My God!!!This is crazy !!!! Dangerous! Congratulations Tom!

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    Hi tom…great job..ur a very successful.person :)…when will you be coming to houston…ur houston fans want to see you soon!! xoxo

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    Cruise you and i have the same passion.I have only been to 145 mph then i ran out of road there was a turn ahead so i backed off took the turn at 100 mph didn’t even squeal the tires.I also own a Harley had it up to 110 mph racing a mustang i guess it wasn’t the right one cause i beat him on 880 interstate in Fremont Cal. after getting close to 100 or so he backed down.As for Cameron she is my type of girl,now I’m a fan of hers.

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