Tom Cruise hits London for Knight and Day U.K. Premiere – Call for Fan Photos, Video & Blogs!

knight-and-day-posterOdeon Leicester Square: 24-26 Leicester Square


ABOVE: Tom greeting fans and signing autographs on the red carpet together at the Brazil premiere of Knight and Day in Rio de Janeiro.

Tom Cruise continues his Knight and Day tour of Europe, hitting the red carpet in London for the United Kingdom premiere of the summer action comedy on Thursday, July 22!

Tom will join his British fans to celebrate the launch of Knight and Day blend of action and comedy to the fans throughout the Unite. Movie lovers are invited to the event for a chance to meet with Tom face-to-face – starting 17:30 at the Odeon Leicester Square! Here’s a map for everyone to find their way to the event.

Are you heading to the Knight and Day premiere in London? Ever thought about reporting your experience? Here’s your chance! The team at is enlisting fans to become our correspondents at the event: sharing photos, video footage and your reports from the U.K. premiere of Knight and Day!!

Any British fans attending the event in London should post their reports as a comment to this blog entry. Your accounts – either live blogging direct from the event or recaps – has a chance of getting used in our coverage of the premiere, with full credit going to the chosen entries!

This is your opportunity to be heard! Let the whole word in on the energy and excitement from the premiere. is especially looking for any fan video and photos from the red carpet! Any fans with footage or pictures from the premiere should upload to a favorite hosting service such as TwitpicFlickrPicasaTwitvid or YouTubeSend us the links to the videos and photos as a comment to this post, and we’ll post the choosen media with full credit!

Knight and Day is set to take off throughout the U.K., just as Tom Cruise is set meet and greet with all his great British fans! For anyone who ever wanted to chat with a star, here’s your opportunity. Tom never lets go of a chance to meet with supporter and lovers of cinema – the people who really matter!

Just like he did at the world premiere of Knight and Day in Seville, Spain, Tom will take pictures and sign autographs with fans along the red carpet! Smile :D

Fans in Brazil certainly got up close and personal with the Knight and Day star! Take a look at the fan video, pictures and blogging from the Knight and Day premiere in Rio de Janeiro to !

Want an even more personal view? Check out the Mexico premiere event, where fans shot loads of video and reported back on the experience in detail. Tom even caught some local flavor with Mariachis serenading him and co-star Cameron Diaz.

We trust the U.K.  fan correspondents will able to show their own experience just as well! Send us your best reporting – we want to hear from you.


Tom Cruise fans in the United Kingdom, we think you’re great! The team at believes you’re able to share the most amazing videos, photos and stories from the premiere! Your accounts are what we care about most!

Also, fans from all over the world can also keep in touch through the Tom Cruise fan page on Facebook, or stay updated by fans and the team through the feed on the Official Twitter page.

Knight and Day opens in theaters throughout the U.K. on August 8.

Show us your reporting skills with photos, videos and perspective on the Knight and Day premiere event. Post below in the comments section!

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    tom ur a great…i just wanna say i love all ur movie and i love u too

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    Hiiiiiii Tom I U r fantastic i loved this movie like another movie i am waiting for MI4…….When i will see that..??

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    Hola quiero felicitarte, por ser un muy buen actor, también quiero decir que ere muy guapo y no me puedo aguantar las ganas!! De decirte que me encantas, aunque se enoje mi pareja jjajajaja

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    You’re my favourite actor, your smile make me happy!
    And <>.. it’s very-very nice film. I watched it with my parents and we laughed all film! THANK YOU! XO