Tom Cruise Set to Star in Mission Impossible IV!


It’s official! Tom Cruise is returning in the role of Ethan Hunt for the upcoming Mission Impossible IV!!

Paramount Pictures confirmed Tom will not only be producing “M:I-4,” but reprising his iconic role for the latest chapter in the action movie franchise, according to a studio press release. Coming off the heels of the new summer action comedy, Knight and Day, Tom keeps ramping up adrenaline thrills for the fans!

“We absolutely are excited about having Tom Cruise star in this movie,” Rob Moore, Paramount vice chairman, told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, July 13.

Tom rejoins J. J. Abrams, director of Mission Impossible III, as a co-producer of M:I-4. Tom and Abrams teamed up to write the story for the new installment in the Mission: Impossible series, with screenwriter Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec writing the script. Both writers come off previous collaborations with Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot.

M:I-4 is set to hit theaters on Memorial Day, 2011!

The director for Mission Impossible IV has yet to be officially announced, but there’s some major names floating around the project. Talk about suspense, we’re already on pins and needles! :o

Excited about Tom’s return as Ethan Hunt? Got ideas about a great M:I-4 director? Let us know in the comments below or keep the conversation going on the official Facebook page or Twitter stream!

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  • Whereiskeku

    I love it. I can’t wait to see the movie. I think Tom Cruise is the best!

  • matthew miller

    great news. is brad bird still on? Each of the movies are excellent in different ways and I ca’t wait to see what is brought to this new feature. The action in M:I3 was stunning. The love story in M:I2 mesmerizing.
    I would love to see Laurence Fishbourne again.
    Good luck!!

  • Lisamarie

    Tom is just incredible.
    He never needs to be a official super hero to be an adult super hero.
    I just really loved Knight and Day and this with Jj Abrams will be worth every second waiting for. The way Tom has included his fans in his activities is brilliant & exciting.
    We love you Tom~ for 25 years you have been an exciting delight!

  • Sherry Mirkarimi

    Congratulations! That is very exciting. I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to the new Mission Impossible movie.

  • Grant Welsh

    Well I thought there was a director for Mi:4 Brad Bird?

    But I do have an idea for a villain, Timothy Olyphant. He is great in “Justified” and The Crazies so thats my vote!

  • Bryan Edwards

    JJ should be directing again! But, if he doesn’t want to do it, you can always try for Christopher Nolan. He’s unstoppable lately.

  • Christine Folland

    I’m your big fan of you “Tom Cruise” can’t wait any longer…. it’s gonna a be fantastic movie. I always like to watch you acting in any movie. You are the coolest actor, talented, smart & ur performance is the best. You are the most sexy & handsome actor, Love you always…..!!!

  • Chris Bryan

    Dear Tom,

    I’m glad to hear things are going well for you and MI:IV and to hear _Star_Trek_’s former personnel are now moved up the ladder as far as Paramount is concerned. They fared better due to their Star Trek tenure than Gene Roddenberry ever did!

    Chris Bryan

  • Chris Bryan

    Yeah, I, too, had heard that Brad Bird was due to direct this movie and that Katie Holmes was going to be starring in it, too.

  • Mayte

    Hi: I think to me, the best Mi was II part, with Mr. WOO as a director, a lot of action. Besides I would like to see to Robert Pattison as a villain, cause now he is at the top of the mountain in reference at a popularity, and people would kill to see him at that movie. Money, money, money…

  • jackie harold

    this is great!! another MI movie. am already anxious!

  • Vanessa Wohnrath

    I can’t wait to see Tom returning in the role of Ethan Hunt. I love the movies and Ethan rocks!
    I hope that Tom come back to Brazil to promote the movie. I start now the campain: TOM PLEASE, COME BACK TO BRAZIL!
    Love you!!!

  • eliamara

    vc é mui lindo bjocas………

  • ameliathen

    Dear Tom…I love all about u movie..,and i can’t to see M:I -4…love u Tom.u are is the best.

  • Cham

    John Woo……..Please select Mr. Woo as the director for this installment. Tom Cruise and John Woo did amazing job with MI 2. That movie was filled with memorable moments. Hope this one will too.

  • ameliathen

    Dear Tom…I love all about u movie..and I can’t wait to see M:I-4…love u Tom.u are is the best.

  • Cham

    And if you can give Jennifer Garner a role in this movie.,it would be fantastic. That will make another huge role and contribution for the film. And if you add big action heroin like her you obviously would want to add some nice actions and that will uplift the enthusiasm. And of course to see Tom Cruise and Jennifer Garner together is quite a scene.

  • Julio Cesar Arana Roman

    Hi TOM!! good look..congratulations…

  • libert rodriguez

    Yo pienso que mI4 debe tener suspenso ,escapadas ilesas del grupo ,muchos trucos de tecnologia audaces, comica ,hermanda en el grupo ,locaciones bonitas refrescantes que hagan sentir al publico entretenido relajado y divertido sin dramas y la musica muy importante la musica de mI esa cancion que es magica la queda emocion cuando uno esta viendo la pelicula para mi mision Imposible es parte de mi vida es emocionante recordar cuando la veia cuando estaba pequena en Venezuela por eso quiero que hagan una espectacular pelicula. a la gente le gusta esta clase de peliculas por que salen despues de ver la pelicula con una mentalida de que debemos ser mas audaces para resolver los problemas de la vida sin tanto drama y difrutarla mejor que los angeles de la creatibida los impiren buena suerte.

  • salar khan

    hi tom
    i am waiting for ur mi 4 . and i know its realy great
    ha to i also want to be a actor like u .pppllllzzz i want some help from u

  • María Carolina Guarache

    Que bueno Tom. Me alegra mucho que vayas a protagonizar Misión Imposible IV . Vuelve Ethan Hunt :) Te quiero mucho (macolinax)

  • Natalie

    OMG, I can’t wait to see Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt again. I’ve seen all three and I’ve bought them on DVD. I can barely wait. Want to see all the pics as you are filming and see raw vids. If you didn’t do this movie, I wouldn’t watch it. You are the best at what you do. Love you! Fan forever! Congratulations! By the way, I loved Knight and Day :)

  • Adriana

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Eduardo

    Hola Tom, esta cuarta versión tiene q superar a la número 2, personalmente creo que fue la mejor. Tiene que haber mucha ACCIÓN. Suerte!!!!.


  • steve buck

    MI:3 was by far the best in the series.

  • Craig Ferreira

    Awesome!!!!! Love these flicks!

  • Danny

    Vivaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

    Ninguem mais poderia fazer MI:4 se nao fosse o Tom !
    Nao consigo imaginar Ethan Hunt na pele de outro ator,sem duvida e uma alegria saber disso ^.~ o duro sera esperar ate ano que vem pra ve-lo novamente em grande açao.

    Beijos Tom


  • michelle

    Hi Tom! Heard that Kristin Kreuk auditioned for a role in MI4. I hope you decide to get her. She’s a great actress w/ large fan base.

  • Julio

    Excelente..espero amigo Tom que sigas adelante, seria genial mision imposible 4 como tambien top gun segunda parte… y porque no otra pelicula como Jerry Mcguire.
    Saludos a Katie y Suri

  • regina cortez

    Hi tom! Congratulations for that successful premiere in tokyo! i can’t wait to see M I :4 thanks for these pics and videos! i love it!

  • Sonia

    Hi Tom how are you? I loved you and John Woo om MI-2 he was the best Director that is why the film was so sucessfull!

  • Hope

    Hey Tom!!

    I love all the Mission Impossible movies!!! I think that JJ Abrams should Direct the last Mission 4 Movie!! I also think that Michelle Monaghan should play your love interest again!! I think that would be the best decision because she played as your wife in Mission 3. I soooooo excited about another Mission Impossible movie!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see it!! My best friend and I are planning to see the movie when it comes out!! You are my favorite actor!! You Rock!!

  • Doug in KC

    Thanks for the latest update and GREAT news! Can’t wait to see the MI-4 film…NICE note from Tom…
    Always a pleasure to read his notes and wish Tom and his Wonderful family…a SAFE and FUN holiday season…My BEST! Pura Vida! Doug Smith

  • SelAlves

    You’re a wonderful person! wish you success in your new movie. Love you! From Manaus City :))

  • Gerardo

    Humble and sincere, his eyes said it to me. The coincidence I can return. Luck

  • Abicitaballejo

    la pelicula es muy buena especial mente el guapo Tom Cruise