Knight and Day Movie Clips! Plus Director James Mangold on Tom Cruise’s Stuntwork

Knight and Day has hit the ground running in theaters throughout the United States. But for Tom Cruise fans who haven’t yet been able to catch the summer action comedy, you’re in luck! Yahoo! Movies put together a collection of Knight and Day clips to tide you over until you can head out to watch Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in their first on-screen appearance together since Vanilla Sky.

In this clip, June Havens (Diaz) narrowly misses out on the action as Roy Miller (Cruise) takes down passengers on the plane: was on hand in Seville, Spain to see Tom and Cameron perform in a stunt exhibition! Watch the movie clip of the two outracing the bad guys in the city’s cobblestone streets:

How did he get her into that bikini? Watch as June confronts Roy in the midst of the tropics:

By the way, according to director James Mangold, both Cruise and Diaz are “incredibly gifted stunt people,” he said in a Reuters article. “Our stunt coordinators could tell you that Tom or Cameron could stop acting tomorrow and start a career as a stunt person.”

Mangold explained that Cruise was instrumental in setting up the stuntwork in the film. “He shows up days in advance to walk through it, to check the grounds, to understand the footing, to think about it,” he said. “He trains. He warms up. You couldn’t find someone who is more methodical and organized about what they’re doing.”

In Knight and Day, Roy is a CIA agent gone rogue, and June joins him to evade federal agents as they race around the world to protect the key to an infinite power source. Are you excited for the film? It looks as though the whole Twitterverse is buzzing with excitement! Check out what people are saying:


Have you seen Knight and Day? Then you might be able to answer the following trivia question! Answer within the blog comments, and the first five correct answers will win a Knight and Day poster!


“How does Roy kill the assassin in the Austrian train?”

Good luck! :D

  • Mark Antonio

    June accidentally stabs the Assassin in the chest. Roy kicks the assasin through the window. The Assassin hangs onto a bunch of sausage links, but is killed by an oncoming train from the opposite direction.

  • Josh Sibley

    June accidentally impales him with a knife first. Then Roy knocks him out of a window where the assassin is hit by an oncoming train.

  • Nick Ferrin

    He throws him out the friggin’ window!!! which was foreshadowed by the shock of seeing our hero get thrown at a window which does not break and he remains on the train to keep fighting. good stuff.

  • Jonell Copeland

    He kicks the assassin out of the train window

  • Grant Welsh

    well they get into a awesome fight scene in the kitchen and then Roy kicks him out the window, but the assassin is holding on to a string of sausage, but he is still out of the train, and another train coming the opposite way hits him and kills him! it was the best WTF moment ever, very epic!

  • Heidi Cheung

    Roy Miller(Tom Cruise) kicked the assassin to the window, and the assassin was hanged on the wieners. But at the same time a opposite direction train passed by, the assassin was killed by the train.

  • Tatiana Alexeeva

    The film is super!!! I loved it! Thank you very much!