Tom Cruise and Jimmy Kimmel Zipline Across Hollywood Boulevard on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Tom Cruise and Jimmy Zip Line 001

Tom Cruise zipped onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! last Friday to talk about his new summer action comedy, Knight and Day, now playing in theaters!

Jimmy wound up joining Tom in an impromptu stunt, taking the quick way across the street. Look out below people of Los Angeles!

The two discussed performing his stunts for the film, plus Les Grossman’s dance moves at the MTV Movie Awards and waxing the floor to slide across in his iconic Risky Business scene:

Then, as it turns out, Tom can whip up an excellent spaghetti carbonara! One problem: he needs fresh eggs to do it. Watch and Tom and Jimmy cook a delicious meal – with a little bit of danger and death-defying stuntwork involved, of course:

Knight and Day, currently playing in theaters nationwide, shows off more of Tom’s stunt abilities in his role as Roy Miller, a CIA agent gone rogue who, with the help of his new partner-in-tow June Havens (Cameron Diaz), races around the world to protect the key to an infinite power source.

Did you see Knight and Day over the weekend? Let us know what you thought of the movie by sounding off in the comments below, sending a message on the official Facebook page, or giving us a shoutout at @tomcruise on the official Twitter page!

  • meme

    funny love tom he is one off the best actors in the world his new movie is great so funny

  • Luciana Jordão

    If more people were like you the world would be totally different. =) Love you.

  • Jason

    I personally thought that the move ROCKED! It was so entertaining and a very good story line. I also really enjoyed the Ducati chase as I am a Ducate rider too.

    Go Tom and Cameron!

    Keep them coming.

  • Deepa Balasubramanian

    Tom…your birthday is nearing :)..what plans this time and what do you have for your fans for the treat….love you Tom…may you have many more such….beautiful and successful years ahead of you…Hugs and hugs and hugs :)!!!…Deeps!

  • Ana

    Tom , I loved your new movie and some great music in the movie..thanx so much! Respect!

  • Sayantan Paul

    love you tom……………….


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM from a fan in Romania.
    I wish you all the best.

  • Triniman

    Movie was fantabulous!!! Made me wanna see more of Cruise on-screen, so I did a sear ch for his filmography and ended up finding his site and this blog! He really is a great actor. Big ups man… Hope u visit Trinidad sometime. Blessings to you and your family from the ever-abundant universe…