Tom Cruise on Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly Live

Knight and Day stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were on Good Morning America yesterday to talk about the new summer action comedy, which comes out in theaters on June 23 – that’s TODAY!

Find out about how Tom chooses his movie roles (“I always think about what’s going to entertain an audience”), plus how Tom has always wanted to make movies and the funniest thing that happened during the filming of Knight and Day in the video below:

Tom will also join Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa today for an interview on Live! with Regis and Kelly!


Knight and Day stars Tom as super spy Roy Miller, a man on the run who brings along June Havens (Diaz) for the ride as they seek to escape federal agents tracking them down across the globe.

Check your local listings to see Tom on Live! with Regis and Kelly – then head out to see Knight and Day today!

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  • http://yahoo edith rice

    I went to see Knight and Day today, it was so exciting . To see Tom and Cameron going through so many situations, was entertaining and funny. People in the theatre looked so happy and glued to their seats . I loved this movie. When it was over, I realized how much I really enjoyed it . I would love to see it again. Tom is such a great actor, and such a wonderful person, I love Tom and his beautiful family. Great job Tom!.