Knight and Day Movie Trailer Becomes Interactive Online Game – Fans Blast Bad Guys!


Teasing the action and comedy of the new Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day in a trailer was only awesome, so 20th Century Fox cranked it up to 100-percent incredible by turning it into a completely interactive game! A first for any movie preview, the Knight and Day interactive trailer breaks ground into the exciting world of digital gaming, giving Knight and Day fans the opportunity to blast away alongside Tom and Cameron.

The game immerses fans into the world of Tom Cruise’s character, Roy Miller, as he trades bullets and barbs with the bad guys! Players navigate through three stages embedded in the extended trailer, giving fans the opportunity to shoot villains to up their score and keep Roy and June Havens alive. A health meter monitors progress: too slow to the trigger and you’ll black out the screen with your character dying!

Don’t cry! You can always replay the game until you get the hang of it. :)

Fans rack up points based on how fast they can dispatch the killer agents to get Roy and June through the trailer safely! Make your way up the leader board and post the results instantly on Facebook or Twitter. While you’re there, feel free to drop a Facebook comment or Tweet!

Knight and Day is a summer movie starring Tom as rogue super spy on the run from shadowy government agency trying to protect a powerful secret while avoiding all manner of threats. Circumstances team him with June; an unlikely everywoman who winds up on the run to exotic locales across the globe.

The fugitive duo race through Spain, Austria and the tropics in an attempt to stay a step ahead of their ill-intentioned pursuers – not knowing who to trust, even each other!!

Mark your calendars, the movie opens this Wednesday, June 23.

In the meanwhile, happy shooting!