LIVE BLOG: Knight and Day Pre-Premiere Stunts in Seville, Spain

Tom Cruise’s new summer action comedy Knight and Day certainly brings the action – and Tom and his co-star Cameron Diaz brought it with them to Seville, Spain in a death-defying stunt exhibition before the worldwide movie premiere!

As widely reported, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz handled a load of their own stuntwork while starring in Knight and Day, yet the rubber literally met the road on the cobblestone streets as the star duo performed an exhibition of driving and motorcycle stunts for press and fans.

Below is the LIVE coverage of the Knight and Day pre-premiere stunt exhibition from June 16. Don’t forget to check out the post from the Knight and Day world premiere, including live updates and pictures directly from the red carpet!!

Cameron Diaz doing some wild drifting tricks, generating clouds of smoke taller than statues. Could you imagine carpooling with her at the wheel!  (4:01 p.m.)

Check out Tom Cruise leading the chase cars on a Ducati during the Knight and Day pre-premier stunts! He’s launched throughout the plaza all day and continues to wheel the motorcycle like a pro!! (3:48 p.m.)


Tom Cruise fans in Spain and worldwide tweet their excitement and appreciation for Tom’s stuntwork: (3:36 p.m.)


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The drifting BMWs, the screeching tires, the clouds of smoke…UNBELIEVABLE! These stars really went the extra mile to sharpen the driving skills and the fans approve. (3:28 p.m.)

Some of these press guys just can’t take all the action! Tom is stays relaxed while they stumble out of the Z4s and kiss the ground! (3:14 p.m.)

Cameron and Tom got members of the press gasping, taking them for simulations of the same stunts throughout the afternoon. Tim Vincent from Access Hollywood rode with Cameron in the BMW Z4 as she was spinning a donut, and later trying to chase down Tom on the Ducati:

What could possibly top that? Perhaps Samantha Harris from Entertainment Tonight hopping on the back of the Ducati and speeding with Tom through the streets of Seville:

Huge smiles on Tom’s face as he maintains his lead from the press-filled BMW Z4s. He is a natural on motorcycles! (3:07 p.m.)

Here’s Tom Cruise greeting some of the thousands of cheering fans! Watch the video (2:59 p.m.)

The crowds are going wild at the sound of Tom’s Ducati engine revving! You would not believe the commotion! (2:51 p.m.)

Watch the close up video of Tom Cruise as he prepares for the second round of Knight and Day pre-premiere stunts! Take a look!! (2:05 p.m.)

Tom and Cameron return! Hope you’re ready for more LIVE updates! (1:46 p.m.)

Tom and Cameron take lunch! Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon. (12:45 p.m.)

Tom pulled a girl from the crowd and gave her a ride on the Ducati! Lucky lady!  Talk about getting a lift. (12:27 p.m.)

Here comes Cameron, screeching to a precise halt! Wow! (11:28 a.m.)

After racing around the plaza, Cameron Diaz just turned an amazing 180 in a BMW Z4! She’s got that ride growling like a pet tiger! (10:57 a.m.)

Just like in the Knight and Day movie, Tom Cruise rockets through the Spanish streets on a fire engine red Ducati, dodging two BMW Z4s! It’s not just movie magic, but the real thing!! (10:45 a.m.)

Kids, he’s a trained professional. Don’t try this at home!! :)

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have arrived! The crowd goes wild, with cheers filling the sunny plaza as the two stars make their rounds. (10:20 a.m.)

Tom fans from all over the world are here to see the stunt exhibition! Check out the special message from a group of American Tom  Cruise fans visiting all the way from Georgia! (9:50 a.m.):

Here’s the Ducati Hypermotard Tom Cruise will ride in today’s live Knight and Day stunts! Even at a stand still that motorcycle looks fast! (9:40 a.m.):


Tourists from around the world visiting Seville, Spain are stunned to discover that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are performing lives stunts from Knight and Day for the press in the plaza today! Behold an aerial view of the Plaza del Triunfo where the stunt exhibition is taking place: (9:32 a.m.)


Here’s the  location of the Knight and Day movie stunt exhibition for those of you in Seville! Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz should be on hand soon at the Plaza del Triunfo, just under the shadow of the Cathedral de Sevilla. Check it out below on Google Earth!

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  • Clinton

    Go, Tom!!! This is a great idea to have live coverage of Tom and Cam’s adventures in Sevilla! It really lets we fans who are not there feel part of the excitemement and atmosphere! Keep it up! :-)

  • Sean Ryan

    great promotion and shows real dedication to the movie projects.

  • natalia raquel schein

    Tom¡¡,es espectacular, maravilloso todo lo que estoy viendo¡¡gracias por compartirlo¡¡eres fantástico¡¡ ♥ @natimaryluna

  • daniel

    your movie looks amazing

    greetings from mexico

  • Phil Moor

    I directed the show in Seville! What a great few days that was…..