Les Grossman & Jennifer Lopez Get Back with Ludacris At The MTV Movie Awards – EXCLUSIVE MTV After Party Pics

Combine “interpretive dance” from Ed Helms and Ken Leung, music from Ludacris, and some slapping from J.Lo – and you’ve definitely got yourself an awards show produced by Les Grossman! Watch Tom Cruise as foul-mouthed Hollywood mogul Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder perform live at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards:

You didn’t think Les was going to enjoy a “journey through the cloudscape of dreams,” did you? ;)

So why did Les take on this year’s MTV Movie Awards? “Aside from the money, and the power, and the money…and the power, I do it for only one reason: you.” Watch as he shares his secrets for making movies with Tropic Thunder co-star Bill Hader (who played right-hand man Rob Slolom), along with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Michael Cera, Will Smith, and Jaden Smith:

And at the end of the evening, Tom Cruise and his summer movie Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz came out to present the award for Best Movie.

“Thanks to this year’s movies, we are all experts on vampires, werewolves, and wizards, and we can cross Wonderland and Pandora off our lists of places to visit,” said Tom.

Who won the Golden Popcorn statue? Watch the clip below!:

Yes, Twilight: New Moon won Best Movie at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. In fact, it won the most Golden Popcorn statues, including awards for Best Male Performance and Global Superstar for Pattinson, Best Female Performance for Stewart, and Best Kiss for Pattinson and Stewart.

The best kiss of the night, however, goes to Sandra Bullock: she planted a smacker on Scarlett Johansson after she, Bradley Cooper, and Betty White presented the actress the MTV Generation Award.

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by comedian Aziz Ansari, lets viewers choose their favorites for standard categories like Best Movie, as well as for more inventive categories like Best WTF Moment (Ken Leung in The Hangover), Best Villain (Tom Felton in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), and Best Breakout Star (Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air).

Twitter was all abuzz about the awards, with #MTV Movie, #MTVMA and #Mtv Movie Awards Red Carpet all trending. And the tweeples in the Twitterverse loved Tom’s performance! Check out some of our favorite tweets from fans of Tom’s dancing with J.Lo:


And even a special tweet from Olivia Munn!:


EXCLUSIVE – we’ve got exclusive photos of Tom and Katie at the after party! Check out pictures of Tom with Katie and the amazingly bedazzled cake with the letters LG – what else would you expect for a big shot like Les Grossman? :)



  • http://twitter.com/lumabras_ luma

    I really love it, Tom as Les Grossman is awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/musicqc Quezia Cristina

    Very cool cake ^^
    Tom was amazing…really funny ;)

  • http://www.annbaldwin.net/ Ann Baldwin

    Incredible performance ~ Thank you for sharing it ~

  • Carlos Donati

    Dude! You were awesome on the MTV awards, congratulations for making that 180º change at this time in your career. You really surprised me with that character, now I have a different way of seeing you, not only as a good drama/action actor but as a comedian as well. It was so cool that this is the first time I ever wrote to an artist, hope your employee(s) read this comment and talk to you about it. Best of luck on your career!

  • janhvi patel

    Hii absolutely loved it! hilarious..jazzed up my boring work day..thank u so much Tom Cruise…love u always..i don’t say this often but u r awesome! :D

  • http://flavors.me/MissCheenG Miss Cheen G.

    Awesome cake! You rock, Les!… I mean, Tom! :D \m/

  • Kathleen Townes

    Glad I caught the updates, cause my invitation to the Party was revoked, for insufficient glamour. Bah!

  • claudia sanchez

    you are the best wow!!!!!!!!! :)
    Divertido, gracioso y genial aparicion de Tom como Les Grossman fue lo mas genial de toda la noche
    you are the ONE

  • Eloise

    It was hilarious i loved it, you and Jennifer were great, it was a fun night.

  • Chris

    Awesome. Dude still knows how to rock them tighty-whities, too!

  • deema

    great pic sweet tommy , love u sooooo much, too bad that i can’t see the videos because someting about region…….. i hope to to see more of cool grossman :D

  • Charlotte

    Only one of many reasons why you’re a A List Actor! An A List Friend, A List Father, A List Husband, A List Honey! Best Wishes and keep those A List Movies Coming!

  • http://facebook Maureen Hagerty

    Love it !!!! :)

  • Michel Savanes

    OMG! All the videos above can’t be offered to viewers in my region. That’s too bad cause I really wanted to see them, Hope that’ll get fixed.

  • Jana Castillo

    Awesome performance as always! Definitely the most hilarious on the MTV awards! You are certainly one of the most talented actors in film today! Can’t wait to see you again on the Big Screen! Thank you so much Tom Cruise and for sharing the wonderful photo of you and Katie!!

  • Mary

    I love this pictures. Tom and Katie looks soo happy!!! I can´t see the videos for region. We love you Tom! your artwork is always amazing!!

  • http://hotmail-windowelive Hommani- zakia

    Thanks your excellence I love’t is a nice and lovely pictures movies , God bless you and your wonderful family and yours, Mrs TC

  • http://hotmail-windowelive Hommani- zakia

    Thanks your excellence I love’ it is a nice and lovely pictures movies , God bless you and your wonderful family and yours, Mrs TC

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