Tom Cruise Movie War of the Worlds Available on Blu-ray DVD

Sci-fi thriller War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise is now available on Blu-ray DVD!


The War of the Worlds Blu-ray DVD offers high-quality 1080p resolution with tons of bonus features, including director Steven Spielberg’s fascination with alien invasion films in “Revisiting the Invasion,” a close-up on the author of the story in “The H.G. Wells Legacy,” a look at the original 1953 version of the film in “Steven Spielberg and the Original War of the Worlds,” and interviews with the cast and crew of the film.

Based on the classic story by H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds tells the tale of one family’s journey for survival in the face of an alien invasion that threatens the existence of humankind.  Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) must risk his life to save his young daughter (Dakota Fanning) and teenage son (Justin Chatwin) from an extraterrestrial army of Tripods hellbent on destroying Earth.

Watch a clip from War of the Worlds thanks to the movie timeline!:

Eager on getting your copy of War of the Worlds? The first five fans to answer the following trivia question correctly in our comment thread win!

In the beginning of the Spielberg flick, a famous movie poster hangs in Ray’s home. Which film is this poster from and what year was this film released? The first five fans to answer correctly on our comment thread win!

  • analie

    hello this movie is nice and i like that movie very nice

  • Dorian

    Good afternoon,
    To answer your question, the film depicted in the poster is “Jaws”, released in 1975.
    Best regards,

  • Heather B


  • Marcelo Caballero

    Very good movie, spectacular.

  • Sean Ryan

    Jaws (1975)

  • Grant Welsh

    it was Jaws 1975 loved that movie!

  • devin

    The poster is of Jaws, released in 1975. Love War of the Worlds by the way. One of my all time favorite movie.

  • adrian

    esta es una de mis pelìculas favoritas, eres un gran gran actor

  • andrea andrade

    olá,gosto muito de você tom cruise,um beijo de andréa (brasileira)bahia,brazil.o filme é tubarão(shark,jaws) do ano de 1975,tom…eu agora tenho 32 anos e desde que assistir ao filme top gun,me tornei sua fã,você é lindo e deus abençôe sua filha e sua maravilhosa familia.beijos,tchau.

  • Melissa

    The poster was Jaws (1975)