Tom Cruise Honors Jerry Bruckheimer at Hollywood Walk of Fame

Tom Cruise paid tribute to producer Jerry Bruckheimer when he immortalized his handprint in cement outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, May 24. Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Jake Gyllenhaal and Billy Bob Thornton were also in attendance to support the legendary filmmaker.


Bruckheimer is responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster movies in Hollywood history, including Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Armageddon, Days of Thunder, Bad Boys, The Rock, National Treasure, and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as several major television shows like the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise.

“We’re here to celebrate the greatest producer in modern history,” Cruise told the crowds. “He certainly stands very tall in the pantheon of producers in Hollywood. He’s not only a hard working, dedicated filmmaker but he’s a loyal friend to everyone within our industry and to all the fans around the world.”

Bruckheimer addressed the crowds, saying, “I can’t tell you how proud I am..I’m standing here, so close to Marilyn Monroe’s [handprint] I may have an anxiety attack. To be alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest talent is such an honor.”

Check out Tom’s speech, Bruckheimer’s thanks, and more in the Entertainment Tonight video below:

Are you a fan of Bruckheimer’s movies? Would you love to see him and Tom work together again? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Fayzah

    I would love to see them together again!


    wow!! is beatiful, is good

  • Carla Zwicker

    You asked I listened :)
    “Are you a fan of Bruckheimer’s movies? Would you love to see him and Tom work together again?”
    Rather an odd sort of an idea as with any good dinner theatre, a murder mystery series at Trump’s boardroom table :)

    Cheers Tom !

  • Carolina

    Tom..” Show me heaven “” with your ” need for speed”…auuuu!!
    Boy you rock…thanks again and my respescts for Mr. Bruckheimer…

  • Jaya Santhan Tony

    I really enjoy watching CSI, cold case etc too :-)

  • Rolando de la maza

    Yes Sir love to see that team again , and would be a dream come true to work with them.

  • Rachel

    Bruckheimer is a film genius. I’m such a huge fan of everything he has done!

  • Helen Scott-Toyne

    I have seen the name Jerry Bruckheimer on sooooooo many movies and t.v. shows and have admired his work for ages. This video is the 1st opportunity I have had to put a face to that name. It would be great to see these guys, Tom, Jerry, Nicholas, working on more. Yes please. Helen

  • John SEAL

    Yeah….of course! Why not? I cannot wait anymore….Please..please… (: