Knight and Day Co-Star Cameron Diaz Talks Shrek Forever After to New York Times, Today Show

Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise’s co-star in the new summer movie Knight and Day, talked to the New York Times about her role in Shrek Forever After, the fourth – and, according to DreamWorks Animation – final installment of the animated franchise.


In this film, Shrek is stuck in an alternate universe of the Far, Far Away kingdom, where his previous life never existed. Diaz, who provides the voice for Shrek’s love Fiona, told the Times, “It’s been a decade of knowing that you finish one and for the next two years we’ll be making another one. To think that that next phase of the story isn’t being told — I’m still crossing my fingers that maybe one day it will be.”

It didn’t take any convincing for her to make all the embarrassing bodily noises her character does. “I’m just basically a 14-year-old boy in my heart, in my spirit. So it’s very easy for me,” she said.

Cameron was also on The Today Show to talk about sharing the Shrek experience with her voiceover co-stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Antonio Banderas, as well as what she plans on doing this summer.

“I’m gonna sleep!…I’ve just been working since last August, just straight through. So I’m literally going to sleep.”

Watch Cameron with The Today Show hosts in the video below!:

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Are you going to see Shrek Forever After when it opens this weekend? Or are you waiting for the action of  Tom and Cameron in Knight and Day next month? Sound off in the comments below!

P.S. Check out this bonus video of Cameron with Access Hollywood!

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  • Eliane Zanolla

    Oh, she’s so beautiful! I love her. :)

  • Quezia Cristina de Souza

    awww…cameron is so cute and sweet…she’s really special…i luv her

  • Cheen

    Huh… I’m gonna miss Shrek. :(

    But still, I’ll be lovin’ to watch those two new movies of her! :D