Knight and Day a Winner in Summer Movie Previews

Tom Cruise’s new movie Knight and Day with co-star Cameron Diaz is set to hit theaters on June 25, and it looks like we’re the not the only ones waiting for this movie to come out – the press is too!


Here are a few snippets of what newspapers and magazines around the country are saying about Knight and Day:

Los Angeles Times: “James Mangold’s…films have varied genres over the years, from Cop Land to Walk the Line, with the romantic comedy Kate and Leopold somewhere in between. Now, he’s offering up a girl-meets-guy comedy with an action twist.”

USA Today: “If the comedy is even close to the laughs Cruise earned with a cameo in Tropic Thunder, this thriller could put [Cruise and Diaz] both in their wheelhouses.”

Detroit Free Press: “When Cruise has a chance to be funny in movies, good things can happen — like Risky Business and Tropic Thunder.”

Knight and Day, which stars Tom and Cameron as fugitives on the run, was filmed globally in Austria, Spain, Boston, and Jamaica, where it turns out Tom shot another movie…in the same location!

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Tom “managed to get his shirt off in Jamaica — on the exact beach, by the way, where he shot the 1988 romance Cocktail.” Tom said, “I had the same helicopter pilot who did the location scout for us. I was like, ‘Hey, so how ya been?”’

Check out the Knight and Day movie trailer with Tom, Cameron, and the rest of the cast:

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