Tom Cruise Movie Minority Report Technology Becomes Reality

From the Official Blog:

Remember that scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise passes by a billboard that recalls his past purchases?

In the film, Cruise’s character John Anderton walks through a mall with digital billboards that offer him a more “personal” ad experience. Watch in the video clip:

Turns out that fictional billboard from the movie has been developed by engineers in Japan!

According to the Telegraph, the billboard, which has been developed by Japanese electronics company NEC, uses built-in cameras to identify a shopper’s age and gender when they walk past it. The Next Generation Digital Signage Solution will then suggest a product it thinks the consumer would like, based on their demographic. The technology is currently being tested in shopping areas in Japan.

“For digital signage that relies on generating revenue by selling advertising, there has always been a need for advertising agencies to know who is watching,” said Takeshi Yamamoto, NEC’s vice president of strategic alliances, to ABC News. “While the technology captures data as it relates to gender and age, it does not capture or store any footage or information as it pertains to a specific individual.”

And it gets even weirder – remember the gloves Tom wore to control images on a computer screen? Those are now a real thing, too!


According to Popular Science, MIT students Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez show off the wireless capabilities of the Glove Mouse, an electrical engineering project they created last year for less than $100. The Glove Mouse lets users zoom around map applications, while the gloved hands can “grab” the map and zoom in by pinching fingers. See for yourself in this video:

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What do you think of the Minority Report billboard and gloves coming to life? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • natalia raquel schein

    es fantastico¡¡genial ¡¡ Minority Report es realmente asombrosa¡¡ felicitaciones¡¡besos Tom¡¡ @natimaryluna

  • María Carolina Guarache

    Que bien Tom!! Me alegra que la tecnología que utilizaron en Minority Report ya sea una realidad ;) I LOVE YOU (macolinax)

  • Quezia Cristina de Souza

    LOL awesome but too much high tech ah?

  • panditdeepanjalipai

    m an artist i hv no words 2 express its rocking:)

  • Cheen

    Oh, interesting… but the built-in cameras to identify a shopper’s age and gender when they walk past it is kinda weird ‘coz it’s like tempting you to buy from them or such but it’s cool, though. On the other hand, the gloves that Tom wore to control images on a computer screen is… err… how will I say it? Tempting? Oh yeah! =”DD It’s like I wanna have one right now! LOL!

  • sp kolli


  • Chadwick

    Minority Report is another Spielberg Sci-Fi masterpiece. Casting a mega-star with a HUGE dramatic, suspense, romance, adventure, thriller, audience, in other words, TOM CRUISE, drew millions of viewers from around the world to share in experiencing this imagined reality of the future that was artfully created as the backdrop for the plot of this great film. Minority Report was THE #1 movie when it opened in over 3,000 theatres, with a final worldwide box office gross of over $350,000,000!!!! That’s a LOT of people!!! This story about how scientists are working to make these imagined elements a reality shows how art is inspiring science, and also how science is expanding art with the advent of new technologies with which to create and share art. Tom Cruise should be recognized for his relentless efforts toward organizing, facilitating and expanding the creative and technical processes of filmmaking by supporting, coordinating and participating in film productions that expand the horizon of artistic and technical excellence. In fact, there should be some kind of new lifetime Academy Award for artistic and technical excellence in movies. There’s a long list of people who deserve one, but I assure you that anyone on that list would agree to have Tom Cruise in the top 10, (he’d be at the TOP of mine, but I know I’m partial).

  • http://Facebook Ethan Hunt