Knight and Day Movie Director James Mangold’s Summer Flick Pick

James Mangold, the director behind the new Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day, shared his favorite summer movie with the New York Times: Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Mangold, who admits to admiring cinema heroes Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, attended the first matinee for Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Mid-Valley Mall in Newburgh, New York when he was 17, noting that the film was put together by his “cinematic dream team.” For him, the movie “embodies all of the creative promise and universality of what a summer film can be with none of the cynical downsides.”

For the director, Raiders of the Lost Ark offers an entirely original story that “runs counter to almost all other Hollywood wisdom,” with “glowing old-school cinematography” and “breathtaking visual effects made by hand, not on a hard drive.” Throw in an unforgettable score by John Williams and stellar performances from the cast, and Mangold has what he calls, “a high bar, summer, winter or fall, a touchstone for filmmakers, and a great memory for me, 17, jaw dropped, in my seat at the Mid-Valley Mall.”

Check out the action that Mangold himself shot in the Knight and Day movie trailer:

Mangold may love Raiders, but we’d like to you know what some of your favorite summer movies have been over the years. What do you look for in a summer movie – action, drama, romance, adventure, or all of the above? Sound off in the comments below!
  • Yvonne

    My pick for favorite co-star pairing is Cameron Diaz and Tom..They just work well together..Very intuitive with each other. The scenes seem to flow, never missing a beat.
    I enjoy their work very much. Of course, I’d love to be in her shoes if an opportunity to work with Tom would ever present itself…He brings out the best in a woman..It would be a dream come true. Cameron, you are wonderful and very lucky. Continue the good work.

  • Tisha Bland

    My favorite pairing was Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. When I was younger I used to love vampire related stories and still periodically watch them from time to time. They were and are the hottest actors in Hollywood. They are definately in my TOP five all time favorite actors. I hope they will make my movie dreams come true and pair up again for another movie perhaps, a good vs. evil storyline? hmm….

  • mary ann omictin

    i saw the trailer and it’s really nice!!! Can’t wait to watch Tom CRUISE new movie!! i really loved action Mission Impossible and Charlie’s angels.. I know this movie is great! Tom + Cameron = great movie.. great partners!

  • Julie A

    My favorite Tom Cruise pairing will always be with Dustin Hoffman in ‘Rain Man’ (1988). There is just something about that movie that lets me watch it over and over, it’s timeless. The special part for me is when Ray (Dustin Hoffman) leans in to put his head on Charlie’s (Tom Cruise) shoulder to show, for the first time, love, affection and acceptance for his brother. Somewhere in the human brain, even with all its complexities and peculiarities, there is a common thread.

  • María Carolina Guarache

    Hola Tom!!! Cameron Díaz también ha sido una buena co-protagonista

  • natalia raquel schein


  • Sean Ryan

    Jaws it was the original Summer movie. The one that started it all. It had real people, in real jobs. facing extraordinary situations. From the opening music to the end credits, it captivated, Without expensive effects, without smoke and mirrors. I was the first summer blockbuster, because of raw talent. Acting, direction, writing, photography. All top of their game and a movie we could still to this day, learn and earn from.

  • Dustin Parro

    My favorite summer movies were the Transformers movies, Terminator Salvation, The Pirates of the Carribean films,The Dark Knight, Inglourious Basterds and Iron Man. Those were good films. I do wish Tom Cruise would tell us if Val Kimmer still hates Mr. Cruise or not. And, Tom Cruise will always be awesome in Top Gun. If there was a movie where the top action stars came together in an action movie and fight crime Jason Bourne – Bond – A-Team – Iron Man – Terminator style. THAT would be awesome. Also, Tom Cruise staring a movie with Jessica Alba, that would make things really better.

  • http://twitter Melissa Sharpley

    My favorite Tom Crusie pairing was, Tom Crusie and Thandie Newton as Nyah Hall and Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible II. The reason I like (well love) this pairing: I love the chemistry between the two. I really like the eye contact, the touching. Their pairing really made what was a great movie even that much better. I always love seeing Interacial relationships in movies and TV and this two together was really great casting. I thought these two were incrediably beautiful, sexy, smart, and they worked so well off of one another. I felt the sense of when the cameras stopped rolling they might have really had lots of laughs on set. The scene in the club as the women in red danced while they watched one another walk across the room was dreamy. It was the type of interaction between two lovers that you really would just imagine in an erotic dream. Seeing these two together made me hope for another movie where they would be paired together, but no such luck. Hollywood gets it right 50/50 of the time. When they do get it right, they never keep that ball rolling –unless it’s Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock or Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Come on Hollywood and Casting Directors what are you waiting for…get it together.

  • Teresa de Jesus

    My favorite Tom Cruise Co-star pairing is Brad Pitt

  • Yanie Dwiyan

    ” I like your acting .. so keep it and success always..^^ “

  • Liz Allen

    My favorite co-star pairing was with Renée Zellweger. There was a deffinatel chemistry that worked with her. “You had me from hello” ….”You complete me” what better pairing could there be?

  • Stephanie Page

    I have managed to total my favourite film pairings down to four…I hope I can whittle it down to one by the end of this!

    Jerry Maguire is my number one Tom Cruise ´Reality Film´…The characters played by both Tom & Renee Zellweger were so genuine and it was very fly-on-the-wall…I have watched this a few times over the years and it is faultless in every area…Such a fantastic film and Renee and Tom both simply made this film

    Minority Report is my number one ´Paranormal Film´…Samantha Morton was amazing in this…I absolutly love anything to do with the 6th sense so to have Tom Cruise in this made my day…I just dont think it would have been so appealing if they had cast anyone else!

    Vanila Sky is my favourite Tom Cruise *Fantasy Film* with great acting from both Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz…I think Penelope was very sweet in this as she is very femenine, soft and beautiful and its no wonder that Tom fell for her off screen!

    Far And Away & Eyes Wide Shut are two of my favourite Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman pairings…I think they are both enegmatic actors and they both have such huge determined personalities that you can virtually feel their energy through the screen!

    I could proably answer this question twice if I really think about it?

    For overall best acting/film/pairing etc it has to be Tom & Renee in Jerry Maguire for me without a doubt…Such a great story!

    But based purely on pairing? And nothing else?


    I have my answer!

    Minority Report…I don´t quite know why entirely but I just love Tom and Samantha in this…I think its because of the character she plays in this film is so different and I love the way that Tom looks after in this movie too! Its an amzing film and is undoubtedly one of my best ever movies of all time…


    There we are! My favourite Tom Cruise pairing! I just hope I don´t change my mind an hour late again! This was nearly a ´Mission Impossible´ to choose!



  • carolina Gomez

    Jamie Fox…Tom became a beast, a cold human been, someone not predictible, a man with nothing to loose.

  • Dorian

    About my “FAVORITE Tom Cruise Co-star pairing”:
    To my mind, and after having taken stock of Tom’s filmography, my favorite Tom Cruise Co-star pairing would be Elisabeth Shue in Cocktail (as “Jordan Mooney”). Indeed, the history and relationship between Tom and her are both sensitive and touching. This is all the more true as it depicts a real situation for a great majority of people, in everyday life (the power of love VS conflicts within a couple, divorce…).
    However, all that remains my (modest) opinion !

    Yours faithfully,

    Dorian (Student and inhabitant of Grenoble, France)

  • Chadwick

    Okay, it’s very tough to choose. My first thought was Gene Hackman in The Firm. But you know, I am going to have to go with the incredible Tom Cruise / Paul Newman pair-up in the brilliant and critically acclaimed film of 1986, The Color of Money. FIVE Oscar nominations, YES I SAID 5, and one Award for Best Actor to Mr. Newman. Directed by Martin Scorsese. YES I SAID MARTIN SCORSES. Co-Starring the beautiful Elizabeth Mastrantonio. DID YOU HEAR ME?!! ELIZABETH MASTRANTONIO!!! Give it up folks. Uh-oh, now I am thinking about Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman, which reminds me of Days of Thunder with Robert Duvall. Gulp, I almost forgot about A Few Good Men….THEY’RE ALL GOOD!!! ALL OF THEM!!! WHICH ONE IS BETTER??? I can’t decide…I mean, who can really pick ONE???

  • Elly

    I really Love our movies , to be honest the first movie i saw was legend and i liked alot i was a kid and most of Tom’s movies i like i also checked that hes not an actor some part of him he brings it to his movies which is more from inside thats makes him Great!

  • Elly

    My favorites i would like to say Top Gun, Mission Impossible 1,2 yes, most of them are great , well i love the way he is……