Interview: Knight and Day’s Cameron Diaz in L.A. Times

The L.A. Times interviewed Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise’s co-star in the upcoming summer action comedy Knight and Day!


In Knight and Day, Cameron plays an ordinary single gal who gets involved with a super spy, played by Tom Cruise. The two end up as fugitives on the run across the globe, and Cameron’s everyday character quickly adapts to her new situation — like when she opens fire on the bad guys while riding a motorcycle with Tom.

In the article, Cameron notes the difference between this role, and her previously role with Tom in Vanilla Sky. ”This time I’m not trying to kill him,” she said. Whether or not Tom is trying to kill her is a different question: “That’s up in the air.”

She also explains that the original script changed quite a bit. “It all happened in Wichita,” said Cameron in the interview. Of course, when the script went through some rewrites, exotic locales were added, including filming locations in Spain and Austria. Furthermore, her character in the film essentially changed from a “helpless act” to becoming more “involved in the action.” Plus, “reteaming with Cruise…was a bonus.”

Check out all the action in the Knight and Day movie trailer:

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  • Jeff Isler

    Thank you for altering your movie based somewhat on ideas from my UN trade marked script. Please do not go to far with your change up…

  • http://argentina valeria

    hola no hablo ingles ,pero les puedo decir que me encanta la pareja que hacen y que vere la pelicula….besos …