The Great Escape Reality TV: What Tom Cruise Movie Would You Choose?

Remember that scene in Mission: Impossible III, when Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt must escape from enemy gunfire while rescuing a member of his IMF team (played by Keri Russell)? Or what about when Vincent, Tom Cruise’s character in Collateral, caused a shootout at a club in L.A. and had to make a quick getaway without getting caught?

How would you escape those situations differently? Ron Howard aims to find out.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, filmmakers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are developing a new reality TV show pilot for TNT in which contestants would have to escape from a situation inspired by the movies.

The Great Escape will challenge people to find a way out of a film-inspired setting using “everyday ingenuity” after being blindfolded and dropped in an “extreme environment.” For instance, contestants would have to find ways to escape a desert island, make a break from jail, and so on. The team that figures out how to escape wins a cash prize.

So we’d like to know – what Tom Cruise movie do you think you could escape from? How would you find a way out of those sticky situations Tom’s characters find themselves in, like outrunning the police in Minority Report? If you need a little help remembering some of those scenes, check out the Tom Cruise Career Retrospective, which highlights scenes from every one of his movies!

Tell us what films you’d like to contestants escape from on this new reality show, and share with us which movie you think you could get out of in the comments below!

Related Film Fact:

Ron Howard was the director for the Tom Cruise movie Far and Away.

  • Jennifer Parsons

    I would love to see someone get out of any War of the Worlds type situations. I personally would like to excape from the scene in Minority Report where Tom’s character is being chased by the police. I have never done anything like that before, but it seems VERY easy to do.


  • Julie Scott Day

    My escape is with the ‘jet-pack’ borrowed from Minority Report, then I’d run off the roof from Vanilla Sky and turn and shoot at anyone/anything shooting at me (like in Mission Impossible). Difference is this time I’d escape by powering myself upward. I’d land ‘Far and Away’ in another world where I will have successfully slipped away from trouble.

  • Jitendra

    ohh…i always think of being Ethan Hunt and now you’ve asked a question about a situation,and i’m not able to think how would i do that….????
    well nobody can take your place,sir.
    you are the best…

  • Ave

    Hola desde mi México lindo y querido!!!! baby…