UPDATED! Tom Cruise Career Retrospective Reel – Exclusive from TomCruise.com

Tom Cruise Career Retrospective#TeamTC is very excited to present to you, the newly updated and exclusive Tom Cruise Career Retrospective Reel from TomCruise.com…

With 37 films and counting, this newly edited Tom Cruise movie career tribute attempts to highlight all the memorable and inspiring roles Tom has played over the years, from TapsRisky Business and Top Gun to Minority ReportThe Last Samurai, all four of the Mission: Impossible movies, plus clips from his most recent roles in films including Tropic Thunder, Valkyrie, Rock of Ages, Jack Reacher, Oblivionas well as the special moments from his award-winning performances in Born on the Fourth of JulyJerry Maguire, and Magnolia…so press play, sit back, and relive  the excitement, intensity, memories and inspiration that these clips evoke…as Tom as said many times, he makes these movies to entertain YOU! (Pop corn optional!)

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Sep 2016


  • http://www.annbaldwin.net/ Ann Baldwin

    I’m very impressed with the Tom Cruise Retrospective Reel ~ It highlights some of the greatest scenes from all of his films & was put together very professionally ~ It’s a great tribute to Tom Cruise for all of the wonderful & very memorable roles he’s played. Salute ~
    Ann Baldwin
    (aka HigherFrequency on twitter)

  • Nicole Massa

    Far too many great moments, but yet I must pick one. It has got to be when he is questioning Jack Nicholson and demanding the TRUTH! And he is told by Nicholson that he can’t handle the truth. The best EVER!

  • http://mariamedeirosphotography.blogspot.com/ Maria Medeiros

    He has so many wonderful moments! He has funny, serious and emotional ones. I would say the line “Help me help you” in Jerry Maguire makes me laugh all the time. Also “you complete me” from that movie too. I love his lead role in “Far and Away” also. I still haven’t seen many of his films. I grew up watching him though. All the way back from “The Ousiders”. “Rain Man” has incredible moments too. He is a truly wonderful actor.

  • http://www.TomCruise.com natalia raquel schein

    @natimaryluna tom, amo todos tus films ¡¡ amo las escenas de Ethan en moto en Mission Impossible II ¡¡ Tom, eres fantastico¡¡

  • http://twitter.com/manontelly Kev

    The Michael Man club scene in Collateral is it. Because that’s why you approached him in the first place!

    That’s why we’d all approach Michael to direct and produce a scene in our dream film!

    Kev (London)

  • maxpayne79

    The jump in the MI:3 which is simply awesome.
    Also in days of thunder, after the car crash when he goes into the M.I.R. machine for a brain scan and just how paranoid he is about not having anyone talking to him because in the car he always has someone on the radio talking to him. The scene just rings very honest and true to the heart. He trully looks paranoid, scared, and lost in a certain way. For a guy who is always in complete control while racing, he’s the opposite in that scene and its heart breaking. Its a very short scene but there’s something true and blatantly honest about it.
    And…on the dave letterman show when he was explaining how he had to conserve oxygen in the cabin when him and two of his friends were flying, and the buddy in the back passed out. Once he woke up though his arms and hands were tingling and he thought he had a fantastic sleep but meanwhile he had no idea that tom almost killed him due to the lack of oxygen. But its how tom tells the story on lettermen that’s the really the good stuff and eventually he spits on himself so…one of my faves lol. There u go. :) I wrote this very quickly so if some things don’t make any sense, don’t hold it against me lol

  • Rose Derra

    “you got me at hello!”

  • http://Football-Fever.webs.com Fayzah

    Whoo! .. my favourite moment! .. it’s really really hard to say!!… there’s so many great scenes of Tom, I don’t think I can pick from!!
    hmmm, I’d pick my beloved movie.. which is Jerry Maguire, since it’s the movie that made me fall in love with Tom, so he became my favourite actor EVER! ^_^

  • Bronwyn

    For me it would have to be his scene in Interview with a Vampire when he bites Brad Pitt. I thought Tom Cruise was sensational in this role.