Tom Cruise Movie Minority Report Available on Blu-ray DVD April 20

From the Official Blog:

It’s never too late to cross over to the “blu” side.  Minority Report, the Tom Cruise film that debuted in 2002, is finally going to be available on Blu-ray DVD on April 20, 2010! This is great news for Minority Report fans, who would love to see Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi action film and directorial work in high-definition home video.


Minority Report on Blu-ray will span two discs – the first one will hold the film in 1080p resolution, and the second one will hold tons of bonus features, including “The Future According to Steven Spielberg” and ‘The Stunts of Minority Report.”

Based on the story by Philip K. Dick, Tom Cruise stars in Minority Report as Chief John Anderton, who heads the PreCrime Unit of the future that identifies killers before they commit crimes. Because of this technology, Washington D.C. has been free from crime from six years. Yet a glitch in the system hurts the very person who runs it. Anderton only has 36 hours to discover who accused him of a crime he never intended to commit.

Want to relive a little bit of Minority Report action? Check out this video clip, courtesy of the Tom Cruise movie timeline!

Planning to get your copy of Minority Report on Blu-ray DVD on April 20? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Joanne Cairns

    police station

  • Sean Ryan

    Answer is USA today.

  • Hugo Gomes

    Impossible to know the name of the station! The TV screen is not shown.

  • Sean Ryan

    CNN is the answer

  • Sean Ryan


  • analie cleofe

    hello the night and day is very nice movie like the other movie of you tom cruise and I,m so happy to fallow you muah have a great day and be happy my idol with your life

  • analie cleofe

    and the Minority report is nice movie also like the other

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