Valkyrie Director Bryan Singer Talks X-Men: First Class in L.A. Times

From the Official Blog:

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a feature about Valkyrie director Bryan Singer and the new movie he’s directing the next X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class!


In his interview, Singer talked about how he feels a connection towards creating ensemble films, as opposed to films with just one lead. “If you look at Usual Suspects or my last film, Valkyrie, I feel especially comfortable with ensemble juggling. In the space between all the characters you can disguise a central thought that’s hidden in all the discourse.”

His new film, X-Men: First Class, is a prequel to the first X-Men, and will explore the relationship between Professor X and Magneto, as well as school for favorite X-Men characters like Jean Grey, Cyclops, and so on.

Making the first X-Men movie was innovative for its time, considering it was one of the first to kick off the comic-book-movie trend. The idea with that film, however, was to take the mutant superheroes from the comics and treat them as real as possible. At first, it seemed like it might not work. “I said, ‘When this things fails critically and financially, I will never have the opportunity to make this kind of film again.’” The result, however, was a box office smash, and many of the superhero movies that have followed, such as Spiderman, The Dark Knight, and Iron Man have all kept a similar, realistic tone.

Fun fact: Hugh Jackman, who stars as Wolverine in the X-Men films, was a last-minute replacement. Dougray Scott was the first choice, but he was still busy playing the villainous Sean Ambrose in Mission: Impossible II.

Are you a fan of X-Men and the movies? Happy to see Singer directing the next X-Men film? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Zaranyzerak

    Soooooo happy to hear that Bryan Singer is returning! The last two were definitely lacking the magic of the first two. X3 was an absolute travesty. Welcome back, Bryan!

  • Paul Gene Tweed

    Yes, I’m happy to see Bryan Singer direct X-Men:First Class. I would be HAPPIER if Bryan Singer was working on the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA feature film than the latest X-Men prequel. The terrorist attack on September 11,2001 prevented Singer from working on the Battlestar Galactica series for Fox that eventually went to Ron Moore and David Eick’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.