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Tom Cruise is returning to the big screen as IMF agent Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible IV, which leads us to wonder who might be considered to co-star alongside Cruise as the next villain of the franchise.

The Mission: Impossible movies have always had undeniably nefarious villains, each more evil than the last, who all stand between Ethan Hunt and his task to accomplish whatever mission he must carry out. With the news that Cruise is starring in the fourth Mission: Impossible (which he is executive producing himself and with Mission: Impossible III director J.J. Abrams), we decided to take a look at the past three villains who we love to hate:

Mission: Impossible: Jon Voight


Jon Voight came to prominence in the film Midnight Cowboy, for which he was nominated for an Oscar, and has starred in memorable roles in films such as Deliverance, Heat, Coming Home, and Ali. In the first Mission, Voight plays Jim Phelps, who leads the Impossible MIssions Force (IMF) team. When a mission goes terribly awry, killing everyone including Phelps, Hunt learns that it was set up to draw out a mole named “Job.” Hunt looks suspicious as the only surviving members, and escapes the city to form his own team of agents to seek out Job. Discovering Phelps is alive, Hunt realizes that Phelps is Job, and must race to uncover him as the real mole.

Mission: Impossible II: Dougray Scott


Scottish actor Dougray Scott has appeared in a variety of television shows and movies, including Ever After, The World is Not Enough, and Desperate Housewives. In the second film of the franchise, Hunt’s mission is to track down and stop Scott’s character Sean Ambrose from spreading a deadly virus known as Chimera, which he has stolen in order to make billions.

Mission: Impossible III: Philip Seymour Hoffman


Philip Seymour Hoffman has garnered accolades for his supporting and lead roles in films like Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Cold Mountain, and Capote, for which he won an Academy Award. In the most recent movie, Hoffman plays arms dealer Owen Davien, who threatens to kill Hunt’s new wife if he does not retrieve and hand over the “Rabbit’s Foot” to Davien within 48 hours.

Much like when we wanted to know your opinion on who should star as the next Mission: Impossible leading lady and who should sit in the director’s chair, we’d like to know who YOU think would portray the greatest antagonist to Hunt in the next M:I installment.

Should you choose to accept this mission, which actor do you think has the chops to stand up to Cruise’s Hunt character? Tell us on Twitter, on our Facebook fan page, or here on the Official Tom Cruise Blog! Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Yevgeniy Podgayskiy

    The translator was the “Julia” and they translate for their director.

  • Devin Watson

    First off I think Gabriel Byrne would make the perfect villain for the next MI movie. I think you would need a stronger script than what MI3 had to attract him though. Who knows, he did do that End of Days movie with Arnold… but that was a long time ago and times have changed.
    If you had a really good script Anthony Hopkins is still the prime high-class villain in my mind, cold and methodical – but i have a very hard time seeing him do ANYTHING that was not very well written, and unfortunately MI3 was entertaining but not particularly well written. MI 1 was outstanding, MI 2 was pretty damn good as well, MI 3 was just entertaining. Kind of like a steady decay from modern UFC to WWE.

    Second, for the trivia/competition thing, the woman who is executed in MI 3 instead of Ethan’s wife is the Asian head of security woman, wearing a mask that looks like Ethan’s wife, whose name I can’t quite remember – if it is even mentioned.

  • Devin Watson

    Ok so I watched it again just to make sure since it had been a long time… anyway the woman executed instead of Ethan’s wife is “Davien’s translator, his head of security, remember? At the Vatican she failed him. Ethan….” and she isn’t Asian she is uhhh Spanish looking. And they never mention her name.

  • Valerie

    I think Vincent Cassel would make a great villian for MI IV. I think he’s a perfect contrast for Tom, known internationally, and his caliber of acting is right up there with Tom’s. If I think of anyone better, I’ll let you know.


  • satyam tirumala rao

    the girl executed was davien’s secretary. she was the translator. in vatican city she translated in the language davian was comfortable when the tom cruise’s female team member talked in the local language.

  • reza

    i like to see tom cruise

  • Valerie

    I think Jason Isaacs would be a great villian, too, and again, a contrast to Tom and also a foreign actor like Vincent Cassel. Sorry, I keep going to the same type but that’s what I picture as the antagonist role for this next MI film.

  • Duarte Nuno Silva

    When we see one movie like Mission Impossible we want to see a good villian! A villian so bad and cruel like we never seen! For my the best mission Impossible is the second because the story is like the series on TV! This is Mission Impossible and the normal and difficult it`s easy for Mrs. Hunt! The story, the action and all the scenes of action are greats! Dougray Scott is not a famous actor but is a good villian in this movie! For my the director John Woo is the best in this kind of movie, the camera in slow motion, the music, everything is perfect! When we see the first we don`t understand the story. Mr. Phelps the bad and kill all the time? This is not the TV series!!! And the Third! The nurse save the mission to Mr. Hunt! The hero in this movie is the nurse? I don´t understand the concept of this movie! Tom it´s easy creat a good story to the next Mission Impossible! Take some dvds on the TV series and see the best to make one movie!! There are greats episodes in the series and with the money and the tecnology you can do a good movie. You need to make a story like say the name of the Movie. Impossible!!!! The kind of story! See to beleave it!!! Now I tell you the perferct villian to the Mission Impossible 4! John Travolta!!! Travolta is a great actor, famous in all the World and when make the villian in one movie is perfect!!!! You can see Pulp Fiction, The Taking on Pelham 123, The Punisher, Swordfish and for my the best movie like villian FACE OFF!! In this movie is absolutly perfect! Is a sarcastic villian! The scene in the prison when he go to visit Nicolas Cage is for my one of the best performance of Travolta ever!!! I hope that my comment help you to find the co-star in the movie and remember the people wait to see something impossible!!! Your fan from PORTUGAL!!! Duarte Silva. Good Bye.

  • Sascha Meisenberger

    Not Julia has been executed, but the translator and chief of security (Bahar Soomekh). She was wearing a mask to make sure that Ethan had brought the real Rabbit´s foot. She was executed because of her failure in Rome. Julia is still alive.
    I would like to see Christoph Waltz as villain.
    Best wishes,

  • james

    i would like to see marshall mathers / eminem to be the next victim also zac efron

  • wanda smith

    Pleaseee let it be Gerard Butler! He would be a great presence to have in the movie. What a wonderful clash of power players! They both are actors that give it their all, dianamic! Pleaseee let it be.


  • Michael Bridges

    Dear associates of Mr. Cruise, with regards to the villain role in your next installment of the MI franchise please consider Adrian Paul or Peter Wingfield as a candidate they are both great actors and deserve the kind of exposure that a Mission Impossible movie would give these gentlemen.

  • Pramod Gupta

    I want see BRAD PITT as villain in mission impossible 4 and Angelina jole with TOM CRUISE in mission impossible 4. I know it’s impossible but ETHAN HUNT only do impossible things for IMF. GOOD LUCK TOM

  • Amy Fiduccia

    Hands down the best villianous actor out there is Jason Isaacs.

  • Cristina

    Colin Farrell

  • Debra RIngo

    “There can be only one” new baddie for MI4 and that, without a doubt, should be Adrian Paul. He’s not just the Immortal who slew other bad guys, he played bad guys too. Check out “Something Wicked” episode of Highlander, or watch the latter half of “The Breed.” As a vampire, he’s in a glass cage, separated by glass from a living breathing mortal who has the blood he so craves. As Adrian’s character throws himself against the glass, the lust and hate in his face is awesome. Adrian can do this…he’s not just a pretty face. He can be the bad guy you need and want.

  • Debbie

    There can be only one MI4 Baddie: Adrian Paul

  • Duarte Nuno Silva

    The Villian John Travolta and the Director John Woo!

  • Tian

    Mr Cruise last week in passing I happened to be introduced to an actor by friends. Upon gently looking up to see whom I was meeting. I was very, very surprised to find it was in fact one of the FINEST actors that my nation has ever produced! Therefore instantly recognisable…
    The gentleman in question is not unlike what say Sean Connery is to Scotland. Patrick Stewart is to Britain. And what Jack Nicholsen is to America.
    Except that this gentleman actors name is: COLIN FRIELS.
    I know you have worked with Bryan Brown, John Polsen and Richard Roxburgh before. Two of them in MI:2!
    Colin Friels really practises ‘The Craft” of acting sir. He is a consumate professional, a very fine actor and a truly frightening villian onscreen. I think you should view his work in CLASS ACTION as a corrupt opposing counsel to Gene Hackman, to see just what I mean. And really his body of work and versatility speaks for itself in performances for THE FARM and in MY HUSBAND, MY KILLER. Particularly how he can immerse himself in a role inclusive of many different dialects from all over the globe. A talent not lost on you in Johnathon Rhys Meyers in MI:3.
    Offscreen if a handshake counts for anything ~ his is warm, genuine, direct and strong. I feel really priviliged to have met him.
    And I’d really like you to consider him as your adversary for MI:4.
    I was going to nominate a Chinese actor because so much of MI:3 featured China. And I had been pondering this question and giving it serious thought. BUT upon meeting Mr Friels I would like to believe its because I’ve been suddenly reminded what a TALENTED AND AMAZING ACTOR he is. What a compellingly believable villian he is on film. And timely to nominate him for a part opposite you I know he would be brilliant for! That of your onscreen nemesis. I think the two of you would be quite a pairing as sparring partners. Both of you very well matched on opposite sides. I know PARAMOUNT will probably want a name actor in the role. So I’m hoping that the weight of many quality performances and an outstanding onscreen presense is not lost on you or J.J.Abrams as executive producer. And that you’ll consider him and view his body of fine work.
    Thank You for the opportunity to vote sir. And THANK YOU for putting AUSTRALIA on the map internationally around the globe when you made MI:2 here also.

  • Deepa Balasubramanian

    Tom..i think you must try John Travolta this time. It would be interesting to see him against you..he is a good choice if you see his performance in the Face Off..he carried it off so well..and would be really great to see Vanessa Redgrave return as MAX in some sort..she is a stunner!

  • Deepa Balasubramanian

    john travolta

  • kannan

    tom cruse as a villain( double acting as brother) possible in mission impossible

  • stewart copeland

    I believe that Al Pacino would be the perfect villain forget all those fanatics of adrian paul, he maybe ok as an actor but he not on the level for tom cruise film, let’s be realistic.!!! I f he was that good his agent would of already got many phone calls, hello earth to fanatics nut fans but instead fanatics.
    wake up.


  • barbara boddington

    Adrian Paul would be the best choice for the baddie,

  • http://yahoo greg


  • satyam tirumala rao

    In mission impossible 4 the villian should be john travolta and or samuel jackson…..

  • Diane Miller

    I would like to see Adrian Paul as the nest Villian


    Adrian Paul would be the best

  • matt

    Kenneth Branagh!

  • browncayogal

    Bobby Doel, the Bollywood actor, would make an excellent choice.

  • Larisa Studenikina

    …to go with him to the end of Earht,  but there is no end to it. Today we are at the world’s end,  aggravated work makes an impressions…

  • Hbritton28

    Jason Statham because he has this mean side in his characters and his movies are always so packed with action just like the mission impossibles!!!