Who Would YOU Like to See as Director of Mission: Impossible IV?

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Tom Cruise will return as superagent Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible IV, but a director has not been chosen yet. For those of you hoping for J.J. Abrams to return to the director’s chair (he directed Mission: Impossible III), sorry—he’s only executive producing this time around.

So, who will helm the latest installment of this mega-franchise? No one knows as of yet. But we thought we’d take a look at the past three directors and examine the differences in their filmmaking styles:

Mission: Impossible: Brian De Palma


Known for his psychological thrillers like Carrie and Dressed to Kill, as well as graphic violence in gangster films like Scarface, The Untouchables, and Carlito’s Way, De Palma is often considered to be a member of “New Hollywood” generation of directors along with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, and Francis Ford Coppola. In Mission: Impossible, De Palma made sure to kick off the franchise with lots of over-the-top action and explosions, including helicopters flying in train tunnels and a restaurant fish tank explosion.

Mission: Impossible II: John Woo


Hailing from Hong Kong, Woo’s highly stylized action sequences and slow motion fight scenes are usually prevalent in his action films like A Better Tomorrow, Once a Thief, and Face/Off. There was certainly no shortage of ass-kicking in the second installment, as Woo made sure to include amazing fights, gun play, and a high-adreneline motorcycle chase, not to mention one of Woo’s signatures – white doves.

Mission: Impossible III: J.J. Abrams


Abrams came from the world of television, where he created and produced TV hits like Felicity, Alias, and Lost. After watching DVDs of Alias, Cruise contacted Abrams and asked him to work on MI:3. It was Abrams’ first time directing a feature-length film, but it included all the plot twists, intrigue, and mystery that his work is known for, plus an ensemble cast and a great heist scene in Vatican City, complete with a blown up Lamborghini and speedboat getaway.

Although the job is very much up in the air, we are curious to know what YOU think. Which director has the right combination of smarts, intrigue and action sequence know-how to deliver another knockout installment of M:I?

Much like when we asked you who would make a great leading lady for M:I4, let us know who you think would fit best in the directors chair, should you choose to accept this mission. We’d like you to think of your dream director for the next Mission – who do you want to see in the director’s chair, shooting car chases, explosions, fight sequences, and everything else it takes to create an action-packed summer blockbuster? Let us know on Twitter. Or on our Facebook fan page. Or right here on the Official Tom Cruise Blog! Sound off in the comments below!

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  • http://www.smilebysanjoseorthodontist.com Stephen Yao

    How about Paul Greengrass? I liked his Bourne movies

  • Ding

    It’s no doubt James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, Michael Mann, Wachowskis, Coen Brothers, Tarantino can handle this project so easily, but i think it’s really mission immpossible. I like Paul Greengrass’s The Bourne Ultimatum, but it’s alos seems impossible. As your bigest fan from China, Tom, I suggest you to consider another HK director, Corey Yuen(Transpoter, 2002), Jet Li’s most work parner.

  • http://quicksilverfunsugar.today.com quicksilverfunsugar

    There’s something near ethereal w/ angle and picture when [this Director] steps behind the lens. Imagery and pretty picture (with shades of ‘grit’). – Casting Ballot for Dir., Brian De Palma.

  • Stephan


  • Chad

    Wolfgang Peterson

  • Cornelia

    J.J.Abrams again. He did a great Job at MI 3.

  • Pedro White

    Uh! Louis Terrier, the man is great, not sure if he’d be available, but the man is good would work nicely with MI

  • http://twitter.com/Star_light_2010 Jamie Paone

    My Director vote goes for…The Wachowski brothers.

  • Michelle Dale

    Adrian Paul – check out the work he did on the Highlander episodes (which looked far more like movies than television) and the comments on his work by his fellow actors – can’t help but be impressed. Adrian Paul in the MI director’s chair would be a symbiotic relationship made in movie heaven!

  • http://MyGlobalB2B.com Charlie

    Michael Mann

  • Shelby

    Film directors to consider for MI IV: Quentin Tarantino, Paul Greengrass and Michael Bay. Or anyone Tom chooses would be great!
    Good luck!

  • Paul Villamil

    I think Michael Bay would do a great job, especially with location type shoots and special effects, MI films should have varied locations throughout the world keeps it exciting to see new places

  • joey percival

    How bout
    Chris Nolan
    Renny Harlin
    John McTiernan

  • Candy Castle

    For me, Mission Impossible kicked out with a bang! Brian De Palma and Tom Cruise, hands down. For a reinterpretation of the series, I would love to see De Palma come back. Not saying Woo and JJ did a bad job, but De Palma is something different. If it doesn’t work out, why not work with a foreigner? Tom Tykwer, Paul Verhoeven or Erik Van Looy?

  • Bill Hays


    Patrick Dempsey or Jerry Seinfeld as villains, because they drive
    Porsches and Seinfeld has his own Monticeto race track.

  • KathyJ

    Adrian Paul — He was born to direct. He notices all those details, yet has a vision, and sees the big picture. Plenty of imagination, balanced with experience of getting the shots done, whatever it takes NOW. I particularly respond to the depth of understanding he has worked with the actors and the symmetry within the scenes. Very collaborative, but be prepared to convince. Reference “Highlander: The Series” — Homeland and Comes A Horseman episodes.

  • Margie Devlin

    I would love to see Clint Eastwood direct the next MI IV

  • http://www.filmmusic.pl Pawel Stroinski

    Ridley Scott.

    And get Hans Zimmer to score it again.

  • Frank Blakely

    Quentin Tarantino
    co-starring Uma Thurman.

  • Duarte Nuno Silva

    John Woo!!!!

  • Terry

    I watched the movie Green Zone last night and my vote would have to go to PAUL GREENGRASS. The director whom also directed both The Bourne Supremecy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Watching Green Zone last night was action packed, edge of your seat from beginning to end – always on the go fot the thriller genre’! I think he’d be a terrific edition to the Mission Impossible Franchise Directors.

  • erezi

    i really would like to see john woo come back as director…mission impossible II is the best installment ever and i would like to see more of same action in mission impossible IV and this can only be achieved by john woo as director.

  • http://davecamuk@twitter.com David

    MI3 was great so am torn towards JJ but i thinks Terry may have a point with Paul Greengrass

  • Morgan

    I’d suggest Martin Campbell. He did a good job with the Bond films GoldenEye and Casino Royale, and also The Mask Of Zorro.

  • Deepa

    John Woo..no second thoughts!

  • Jan

    Scott Ziehl. He does gripping action sequences and daring stunts that have become trademarks of his films.

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