Tom Cruise Movie Knight and Day Changes Release Date

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Time to change your calendars — Tom Cruise’s latest movie, the action comedy Knight and Day starring Cameron Diaz, is being released nationwide on June 25, 2010!


The film was originally slated to show in theaters on July 2, 2010, but its release has been moved up a week. So get ready for June 25th, 2010 — that’s when Tom and Cameron will trot the globe as fugivitives, protecting a powerful yet dangerous new technology source. Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Dano, Viola Davis, Olivier Martinez, Maggie Grace, and Marc Blucas are also set to star in the James Mangold-directed film. Watch the Knight and Day movie trailer below:

By the way, did you know has a Knight and Day fan page? We’ve compiled videos, photos, tweets, Facebook messages, blog posts, and more — all created by YOU guys — so you can discover the latest buzz all in one convenient place! Take a look around and use the widgets to share and embed them on any Facebook page, Twitter account, blog or web page.

Does the new release date fit in nicely with your summer plans? Excited to see Tom and Cameron in theaters sooner than later? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • natimaryluna

    fantastico¡¡ es genial¡¡ ya quiero ver “Knight and Day” besosTom¡¡

  • samu

    Tom always you are cool

  • Fayzah

    Ohh, I wonder why did you delay the date of release?.. I just can’t wait any longer! .. LOVE YOU, TOMMY! ^_^

  • Joseph

    Scheint guter und lustiger Film zu werden, freue mich schon auf Tom und Cameron…;-)

  • Anita McCants

    Loved the trailer!!! I have got to see this movie!!!

  • pelicula

    que sea mas pronto!