Knight and Day Co-Star Peter Sarsgaard’s Film Up for Oscar!

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Peter Sarsgaard, one of Tom Cruise’s co-stars in the upcoming action comedy Knight and Day,  stars in a movie nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture!

Peter Sarsgaard in An Education

This year’s Oscars include 10 nominations (in previous years, there have been only 5 nominated films) for Best Picture, with Sarsgaard’s An Education among the nominees. Based on a memoir by Lynn Barber and adapted for the screen by British novelist Nick Hornby, An Education is the story of a young woman, Jenny (Carey Mulligan) who falls in love with an older man in 1961 suburban London.

Sarsgaard stars as David, the older man who seduces  Jenny with his sophisticated charm and suave manners, showing her a world far removed from her own. As Sarsgaard stated in a video about his role with The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s not sexual, the relationship, particularly, it really is about something else, it’s about recapturing youth, it’s about wanting to be sixteen, yourself.”

Directed by Lone Scherfig and starring Alfred Molina, Cara Seymour, Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson, Dominic Cooper, and Rosamund Pike, An Education is also nominated for two other Academy Awards: Carey Mulligan for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and Nick Hornby for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Watch the trailer for An Education:

What’s Sarsgaard doing in the movie Knight and Day? He’ll be playing the role of a federal agent who chases fugitives Tom Cruise and co-star Cameron Diaz on a whirlwind journey across the globe.

Which movie do you think should win the Academy Award?  Are you hoping that An Education wins in one, if not all three, of its nominated categories? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • daniel

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