Tom Cruise Movie “Minority Report”: More Than Just Fiction?

From the Official Blog:

g-speak overview from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

The days when you can surf the web, browse through photos, and edit your latest short film with a wave of your hand like Tom in “Minority Report” may not be far off.

Just such technology was on display at the annual TED conference in Long Beach, CA. Crowds oohed and aahed as demonstrators wearing special gloves – just like Tom – copied images and film from wall-size screens and plunked them down on a smaller desktop.

John Underkoffler, the technology whiz who helped create the interface that Tom Cruise used in “Minority Report“, was on hand to showcase this quantum leap in computing.

Underkoffler predicts that in five years, gesture-based computing, as it’s known, will be the way people interact with computers, sound systems and other electronics. Want to flip TV channels? Just wave your arm. Want to fast forward the movie you’re watching? Try a flick of the wrist.

It won’t be long before you can throw away the mouse.

In case you’re wondering, the data you see Tom whipping around on transparent screens in “Minority Report” was created after filming ended. Tom and the other actors were mostly miming the action, which the talented special effects team made seem entirely real in post production.

Pretty soon, though, scenes like these will look like real life, rather than science fiction!

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