Tom Cruise Accepts Legends of Aviation Award

Aviation began as an abstract dream yet through persistence and ingenuity this abstract fantasy revolutionized the existence of human kind.  Tom Cruise’s passion for aviation is more than a simple pastime but a true symbol of perseverance and patriotism.

Tom Cruise was recently awarded the “Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award” for his contribution to the aviation industry. As a child, Tom hung a photo of a P-51 mustang on his wall, yet little did he know the impact his career would have on young aspiring pilots like himself.  A tenacious work ethic led for him to star in a series of roles including that of Maverick in the movie “Top Gun,” which excited the imagination of all who witnessed the struggle and subsequent victory of Maverick. All recipients of the recent “Legends of Aviation” awards have different extraordinary stories of how they overcame obstacles to make history…and they all began with a dream.

Congratulations again, Tom! We share your joy in this honor. Take a look at the rest of the honorees of this prestigious award; from celebrities to astronauts, these individuals challenge us to make our our dreams a reality: Legends of Aviation Awards–Red Carpet

Want to relive the ‘highway to the danger zone’ in “Top Gun”? Check out the movie trailer and more on Tom’s movie time line here:

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  • Dalia

    Tom, I am so happy for you… my big love for airplanes is because one day, long ago, I watched to Maverick felling the need of speed… top in the air…

    Tom, you modeled the dreams and wishes of a lot of people and you have tought as that it’s great to have dream and we can work to make them true… you deserve this honor and much more…

    I wish I could write better in English but I just can say I love you, I always have, and I always will..

    Thanks for been an important part of my life. Thanks for being Tom and too Jerry McGuire and Maverick and Nathan Algren and for all those good characters who will come in the future…

  • http://sevilla,spain maribel

    Hello Tom, felicidades por ese premio, yo creo que todos tus admiradores amamos un poquito más la aviación, gracias a ti y a TOP GUN, eres especial. Un besito desde Spain.

  • Gilcéia de Freitas

    Hi lovely Tom!
    I take great wonder as his talent, effort, intelligence persistence and love with which it is dedicated to his work. Alé of to it seem to me to be a kind, gentle and lovely man.
    Sweet Kisses
    From Rio de Janeiro
    Take Care

  • Gilcéia de Freitas

    (…) i’m so sorry for my English, I read well but I write badly… I am dyslexic… Complicated… Kisses

  • Priyanka Roy

    Congrats !!!!!!! , Well U look Stunning in that Black Suit.As Handsome as always.But I’m still patiently waiting for Ur MI-4.

  • fairy lodhi

    congratz honey! m so happy for u! u r a living legend and ur vigrous smile kills me!

  • Mark C

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your career has been an inspiration to many industries and your perfomances have touched the hearts of millions around the world. Be safe where ever you are.

  • Raiza

    Hola Tom eres mi artista favorito te admiro y te adoro mi sueño es realizar una pelicula un corto contigo…dios te bendiga felicidades por tu exitosa carrera

  • Hadel

    Congrats, Tom! Proud of you and well deserved. Keep it coming….;-[)

  • Marcelo Caballero

    I like airplanes. Congratulations.

  • Hemo_Cruise_Forever

    Congratulations!! Love ya!! <3

  • http://PetersenAviationVanNuysCA. Caesar Vizcarra

    Mr. Cruise is a real honor to have the opportunity of comunicating with you, I am a flight line service technitian who has logged time on different aircrafts. as a pilot in command. I was inspired deeply by your TOPGUN performance. the F-14D Supertomcat was a part of that equation, together you guys made History!! Ronald Reagan must have been really happy to have you representing that Aircraft during such a difficult time for America. I had the chance to move and service several jets from different celebrities and only once did I saw you in your Pitts Special, now that you own and operate that beauty P-51D (kiss me Kate) you have become a more than a Patriotic simbol for America.

  • Caesar Vizcarra

    Hey man, American aviation and its people love you. the P-51D fits you right on!!!

  • ingrid

    tom, you are the best, you are my favorite actor and someday i`ll want to know you personally, I`m your fan number 1 because i have seen all your movies and all your work very well, I really congratulate you. you are the better actor in all hollywood!!!

  • claudia sanchez

    yeah felicidades tom you are the best
    te deseo lo mejor en todo :)
    from Mexico