Tom Cruise to Star and Produce In Mission Impossible IV

Hey Guys, we wanted you to get official confirmation of the news first from the source, the Official site:

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 9– Paramount Pictures announced today that it is making “Mission Impossible IV.” The film, which will be produced by Tom Cruise, J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Productions and will star Cruise, will be released Memorial Day weekend 2011.

“Tom and J.J. are great talents and we are excited to be working with them to re-launch this legendary franchise,” said Paramount Pictures Chairman & CEO, Brad Grey.

Screenwriters Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are attached to write the script, from an original idea by Cruise and Abrams.

The studio, Cruise and Abrams are now in the process of identifying a director for the film.

Abrams’s last project with Paramount was “Star Trek,” which he produced and directed. The film grossed $385 million globally. Cruise’s “Mission Impossible” franchise has grossed over 1.4 billion globally.

“Mission Impossible IV” will be co-financed by David Ellison’s Skydance Productions.

Cruise is represented by CAA. Abrams, Applebaum and Nemec are represented by WME.”

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  • Sonny Rodriguez

    It should be good!

  • Nath

    YAAAAAAAY! Can’t waait for it.

  • m4urici0s0uz4

    Hello Tom Cruise,

    Congratulations for this movie, I’m sure it will be as good as the others.
    I’m a big fan your and one of his followers on twitter, my nick there is m4urici0s0uz4.

    Again congratulations on your work and success always!

  • Joanne

    This is great news. Can’t wait!

  • http://twitter Tony Avila

    I am so happy that theres gonna be another Mission,I was telling my son how i wish Tom would make another one. Thank you

  • mayte

    I’m really happy to hear that. Congratulations, take care, ok,kiddo.

  • Master Brian Gates

    Most defiantly looking forward to the new film being made and viewing it !
    I am STOKED TOTALLY! Always appreciative of Toms work and respect his successs over the years and hey we both do some serious riding with our friends , actually tom and a very good friend of mine have one of the only ten custom bikces made in thei workld and enjoy them but whoa F A S T ! …

    Master Brian Gates


    Hola Tom , como estas?, deseo que tu nueva pelicula Mision Imposible 4 sea todo un exito.
    Besos Alicia.

  • anoop

    hi tom you are best

  • Thaddeus Setla

    I love the series and learn a lot as a filmmaker on each one. Keep them coming and of course if you need any extra hands on set… I am there.

    Thaddeus Setla – DP/ Paramedic

  • kedu

    Congratulations Tom, I am thrilled I love the saga impossible mission and have a recommendation for the villain of this fourth part: bruce Willis!!! What do you think??

  • kedu

    I would be delighted that you were doing the premiere in barcelona Spain, a hug and good luck!

  • Colleen Hippler

    This is great news!! Can’t wait for Mission Impossible IV. I have every one of them in my collection. I have every one of Tom Cruise’s movies. All the way back to Taps, All The Rght Moves, The Outsiders and etc. Every single one that he has made, I have!! I am a big Tom Cruise Fan and yes I am also a big Paul Newman fan. I know Tom and Paul were great friends. The Color Of Money is one of my favorite films. YOU GO TOM. CAN’T WAIT FOR MI IV AND KNIGHT AND DAY!!!! SOMEDAY I HOPE HOLLYWOOD WITH AWARD YOU WITH A LONG DESERVED OSCAR!!!!

  • japan cruise

    very good news,Congratulations Tom.

    Mision Imposible 4 in japan?

  • Carl Salazar


  • Danny

    Aeeeeeeee !!!!!

    Este como tantos outros filme de Cruise sao sempre esperados !
    Estou feliz com a noticia de M:I-IV,ja estar sendo planejado e com certeza ver o melhor ator do mundo em açao de tirar o folego vai ser : Pe-ta-cu-lar !!!
    Muita sorte neste novo filme que com certeza sera outro sucesso !

  • Sourav

    Hi Tom

    I must tell you that I am thrilled to hear this, as MI has been my favourite of all times ; all the series, a lot of memories associated with that film..
    I had lots of ups n downs in life, losing parents, so having watched this film with my mum reminds me of all the good old times..
    i even remember delaying my first foreign trip in 2000 (after which i have stayed abroad for 5 yrs) just to see the first day show of this film and after hving watched this film i took the plain to france..
    I have travelled abroad after that and have studied and worked in europe including Translators Simalteneous interpreter for french actors..
    wherever i go, the name Ethan, and MI has been a strong influence in my life..i still have those old posters of MI 1 and MI2 in my room..cannot take them off..
    Things come and things go, but MI s Ethan hunt character is still the same for me..
    im ageing but still cannot escape the excitement and the hype for thhis film of yours..

    just wanted to tell you that i will be waiting impatiently for this film…take care
    from India

  • Hemo_Cruise_Forever

    OMG!! Can’t wait to see agent Hunt again! Muah! Muah! Love you!!

  • http://deleted farah lodhi

    m dying 2 watch my Ethan Hunt back in action.
    Love Tom
    Farah lodhi

  • susanj

    comgratulations tom .look forward to seeing it.

  • janice davis

    i think the villian should be Julian McMahon……he is hot and plays evil very well

  • D. Rowe

    There can be only one MI4 baddie – Adrian Paul
    (From Highlander: The Series fame. The movies, Highlander: Endgame and Highlander: The Source. Among many other Excellent, roles he’s portrayed.

  • Dominic Riccitello

    Lindsey Farris was killed, also known as Keri Russell. She was an agent.

  • Fabienne Gondrand

    Musgrave walks in. He reveals that the woman Davian shot was not Julia, but in fact Davian’s security guard from Vatican City who failed him.


  • Marilyn Anderson

    Your new villain should be the guy who played Trinity on the last season of Dexter.

  • Fuad omar

    The person executed is Davien’s translator, I think the actors name is Bahar Samoonkh. He had Julias mask put on him.

    A great MI IV villain would be Wesley Snipes or Viggo Mortensen as both could be cold, calculating and menacing villains.

  • Andrea Griffith

    The girl that was killed was Davian’s translator. She was killed for letting him get captured by Ethan Hunt.

  • Tony Berka

    Trivia answer: The girl with Julias mask on that was murdered, was Daviens interpreter.

  • Isaca Collins

    Hi Tom,

    I would have to say that I’d love to see Sam Worthington as the Villan in your next movie. I can’t say that he’s really been a villan and I’d love to see him in that art. I really loveyou and your movies and I just love Sam Worthington so I’d really enjoy seeing a movie with 2 gorgeous men in it.


  • Shelby

    I would like to enter the contest to win the DVDs because I AM and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN a big TOM CRUISE fan! Julia was not executed in Mission Impossible III, it was one of Davian’s incompetent personnel played by Bahar Soomekh who had on a disguise to look like Julia.
    Thanks for the website!

  • Lily dela Sierra Siy

    Good to know that there’s going to be a MI-4 movie.I often have fantasy’s about appearing with you in a movie TOM CRUISE!The title? MI-4 U? (joke) :) Have a good night & day!!!Luv Yah!!!

  • Carolina Gomez

    Los mensajes que envias por medio de tus interpretaciones los he captado siempre. Eres muy inteligente y te has sabido rodear de gente inteligente tambien. Hace 27 anos que soy tu fanatica. De ti nada me sorprende eres simplemente el MEJOR!
    Gracias por hacernos la vida mas divertida,


  • Maureen

    Your the best

  • Freddie de Jong

    Lijk mij dat het een geweldige film wordt.

  • Behzad Asadi Isfahani

    There are a lot fan of Dear Tom Cruise In Iran, We usually enjoy of his movies, really he is a best professional actor,
    I watch mission Impossible 1,2,3 every two months.
    I really love them.
    I hope I can visit him near, ASAP.
    Thanks for your try, Dear Mr Tom Cruise.
    With Best Wishes
    Behzad Asadi Isfahani

  • deema

    hey tom , you are the best actor ever . i’m so thrilled about m:i 4 , good luck… mwa :D

  • Victoria Marino

    The person in MI: III who was disguised as Ethan’s fiance/wife (Michelle Monaghan), and was killed was Davien’s translator, played by Bahaar Soomehk. I’m not sure of the spelling of her name; but you get what I’m saying. I do not know what her character’s name was. I can’t wait for another episode/sequel in the Mission Impossible powerhouse. I may be an old grandma, but I’ve immensely enjoyed these films. Tom, you are my “fantasy son.” Your mom must be so proud!!

  • Victoria Marino

    The person disguised as Ethan’s fiance/wife, who was actually killed was Davien’s translator, Baahar Soomehk. I don’t think her character’s name was used in the film.

  • http://www.myspace/ stella constantinu

    The girl was his translator who dissapointed him at the Vatican…at least that was what he implies!

  • Linda Moriarty

    I’d like to see Ryan Gossling as an enemy in a Mission Impossible. He would be awesome against Tom.
    Love you Tom and hope the family is good :)

  • cookie cruise mcfarland

    the person who was executed in the place of Julia was the translator

  • Carolina Gomez

    Creo que una mujer seria una excelente villana, una que represente el peor miedo de cualquier hombre inteligente y astuto.

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  • javaria javed

    hey Tom,
    MI 4 the sound like wow…..i’ve chance to see u again in Ethan Hunt character and i’ve been watching your movies for several times and I’d like you watch in same characters that you used to be done very well……

    javaria javed