Tom Cruise Blog: Guest Blog Writer Darwin Jerome – Cruising To Be An Actor

From the Official Blog:

We have another guest blogger for the Official Blog! You guys are really rockin’ the guest blog submissions. ‘Cruising to be an Actor’ is a creative piece that integrates Darwins desire to become an actor with a few movie titles you might recognize. In this amazing essay, he writes about his love for movies, using Tom Cruise movie titles as phrases to enrich his essay and tell us about his future aspirations. Thanks, Darwin for your awesome work.

“My endless love for movies really taps my wallet sometimes. With an interest in acting, I’m one of the outsiders looking in, and sometimes I think I’m losin’ it because getting all the right moves as an actor is risky business for a future legend in the film industry. Any top gun in the movies certainly knows the color of money, and drinking a cocktail with some young guns in the business won’t get you an acting gig any more than rain comes from a rainman. I wasn’t born on the Fourth of July where fireworks last for days of thunder and celebration which can be heard either near or far and away. I also wasn’t born yesterday, so I can spot a few good men giving the firm interview for a mission impossible task, once, twice, or three times, like Jerry Maguire in search of fame and money with his eyes wide shut. Like the simple beauty of a magnolia, a director the likes of Stanley Kubrick knew how to make great films with outstanding actors. For the rest of us, it would be like looking past a vanilla sky to see a space station. I could give a minority report in Texas on the Austin powers of persuading a casting director to see my talent in a crowd. I would cut through the competition like the last samurai, using my Martial Art skills as collateral while waging a war of the worlds, fighting lions for lambs in a tropic thunder of awesome technique. Even the German Valkyrie could not stop my passion to become an actor like Tom Cruise knight and day.”

Trivia: How many Tom Cruise movie titles were used in Darwin Jeromes “Cruising To Be An Actor” guest blog post?

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