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Movies as a visual medium, evoke emotion, elicit sentiment and satisfy our need to see the impossible achieved right before our eyes. Recently, movies like ‘District 9’ and ‘Avatar’ have stretched our ability  to imagine what is possible, as the world of digital characters and human actors converge. Movies not only make our dreams a visual reality but they may comprise our dreams as well. There are people out there who dream of acting, directing or writing for movies, and will do whatever it takes to realize that dream. When talent meets passion, “movie dreams” are born.

Last week, decided it would be cool to feature the aspiring actors/actresses, screenwriters, and directors on Twitter on our Twitter channel….the “movie dreamers” who dream about a career as an actor, screenwriter, filmmaker or director in the movie business, and lend a helping hand to their visibility by featuring them in a special Twitter list at . We tweeted, “We’ve started a new list. If you are an aspiring actor, director or screenwriter AND you mention such in UR bio, type #moviedreams to be added.”

movie dreams tweet

The response was overwhelming!  ‘Chanelgirl27’ dreams to win an Emmy for her makeup skills, ‘Stephstevens92’ who is studying Drama thinks King Lear is immense, ‘Namelikethesong’ shared a bit about what he learned from Conan O’ Brien – “Conan taught me if you work had and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” Indeed, the path to a career in filmmaking is by no means in an easy one.  We urge you on movie dreamers, keep on reaching for those movie dreams!

Check out more of the amazing responses below. Dreams that have been “sitting in the corner collecting dust” just came alive!

The team gathered the aspiring Show Biz Tweeple that responded to our call for the movie dreamers out there, and we put the future stars of tomorrow in a special twitter list for all the world to see. If you are an aspiring actor, director or screenwriter, and have a never-say-die attitude to achieving your movie dreams, you should be on this list too! Just tweet us with the hashtag #moviedreams and if we see the words actor/writer/director in your bio, you’re in!


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  • Violetta

    Your amazing! Thank you so much!!!


    TOM Hello … my dream since I was a child of 5 or 6 years old was God willing to be an actor and film writer and director later … so that at 6 years old I volunteered for a work tetra in school … I remember it was a story of the zoo animals!

    I entrust to the WILL OF GOD for this dream a reality … for my part will do all my spiritual and physical strength, all the passion to the realization of this dream is true!

    TOM thank you very much ..