Martin Scorsese Receives Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes

From the Official Blog:

Here in the Official Tom Cruise Blog, we wrote about how Martin Scorsese, who worked with Tom Cruise in ‘The Color of Money” was set to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, an award that recognizes outstanding achievement in moviemaking. Sunday night, January 17, 2010, Martin Scorsese received the famed award, and gave an inspiring speech right after a colorful montage of his various film masterpieces was shown to an appreciative star-filled audience. Leonardo Di Caprio presented the award, calling Scorsese “a great visionary.”

Scorsese gave tribute to the greatest filmmakers of our time, the art of filmmaking, and of course, the man whom the prestigious award was named after, Cecil B. DeMille. Check out a video clip of the award presentation and acceptance below:

Here are a few snippets of Scorsese’s great words:

“Making films and preserving them are the same thing. In this room non of us, who make film or watch them, would be here without the people who came before us.”

“It is humbling to have my name even so modestly be joined to Cecil B. DeMille’s, the ultimate showman. To myself and many other filmmakers DeMille’s name is synonymous to the big show, the spectacular. Seeing his show is an event.”

“When you saw a DeMille Film, it stayed with you.”

Congratulations Martin Scorsese! Truly, anyone who has encountered movies either as an art or entertainment, have been touched by the deeply impacting movies that he has produced or directed. The team joins the thunderous applause and celebrates your legacy in film.

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