Tom Cruise Honored with Aviation Award

From the Official Blog:

We’ve seen Tom Cruise fly planes in the Tom film classic, “Top Gun”, the highest grossing aviation film of all time. Unbeknownst to many, Tom’s love for flying planes is not limited to the silver screen. In his youth, Tom hung a photo of a P-51 Mustang in his bedroom. Now Tom actually owns a P-51 Mustang, along with other aircraft, and is an accomplished aerobatic pilot. He definitely has a need, a need for speed!

The 7th Annual ‘Living Legends of Aviation’ recognizes this passion and achievement, and is honoring Tom with an Aviation award, to be presented by John Travolta, the official Ambassador of Aviation. Dr. Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, the famous astronaut, will honor Cruise during the ceremony. The aviation awards event will be held at the Beverly Hilton hotel on January 22, 2010. Other celebrity pilots who will grace the event include Morgan Freeman and Kurt Russell.

Congratulations, Tom! Or should we say, Maverick? :) We share your joy in this honor.

Want to relive the ‘highway to the danger zone’ in ‘Top Gun’? Feeling nostalgic about “the most dangerous movie of 1986?” Or maybe you simply have “a need for speed!” Check out the movie trailer video clip below:

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  • Viral (pronounced V-ral) Soni

    Finally, Sir Tom Cruise’s love and passion for flying has been respected. I am very happy.

  • Cole

    Tom, you should inquire about the possibility of purchasing an Grumman F-14 Tomcat from one of the Military Bone Yards where they have been retired, then fully restore it, fly it and add it to your collection.