Knight and Day Co-Star Peter Sarsgaard: An Education Video

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Peter Sarsgaard, one of Tom Cruise’s co-stars in the upcoming film ‘Knight and Day,’ speaks about his controversial character in ‘An Education,’ a film about a relationship between an older man and a teenage girl in 1960′s London. Sarsgaard plays David, the older man who seduces seventeen year-old Jenny into a consensual sexual relationship. While many may object to his character being a “cad,” Sarsgaard sees the character through a more well-rounded filter, as a multi-dimensional character who was coming to terms with his own personal aspirations by living it out through a relationship with a much younger woman.

”I really saw him as someone who wanted to avoid conflict, wanted pleasure, wanted art in his life, wanted excitement, and I think that that’s very understandable. I think that’s the way most people live, they don’t dwell on the negative,” Peter says in a featured interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Sarsgaard further explains David’s character as a man who wanted to be young again. “It’s not sexual, the relationship, particularly, it really is about something else, it’s about recapturing youth, it’s about wanting to be sixteen, yourself.”

In ‘Knight and Day’, Sarsgaard is the character trying to enforce the rules instead of breaking them. He plays a federal agent who chases Tom Cruise and co-star Cameron Diaz down, as they become fugitives trying to protect a battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.

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