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Film has the amazing power to influence all of our emotions. From the thrill of an action-packed adventure movie, to the tears that run down your face during a drama, to the laughter that fills a room during a comedy, movies have all affected us. For some, film is more than just an evening with moving images and a bucket of popcorn. It’s something that changes the way we view the world, our culture, and ourselves. Can you believe that moving images on a big screen can move people so strongly? I can believe it!

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When we asked our Twitter friends at the Official Twitter Channel (@tomcruise) -”has there been a movie that changed your life?”, the response was massive and there was an outflow of emotion and sentiment. We read through more than 12 pages of responses on Twitter Search! Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think that great movies change people, and change lives. It was amazing that your overwhelming responses fit in just 140 characters! Love was definitely in the air, with some Tweeple reminiscing about ‘Casablanca’, ‘The Notebook’, ‘P.S. I Love You’, and ‘Jerry Maguire’ as films that changed their perspective on true love. There was also some strong feelings about ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Freedom Writer’ and ‘Dangerous Minds’, films that were about history, passion, and change. ‘Schindler’s List’ made @yankeegirl51680 realize that “just one person can make a huge difference in someone’s life.” ‘Freedom Writer’ does not only inspire, but instigates positive action as well, it “makes you want to help other people out,” @blah2daworld22 muses.

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The responses were definitely colorful and covered many emotions and themes. ‘Rocky IV’ teaches about the “power of the mind”, ‘Lord of the Rings’ inspires people to think that “anybody can change things for the better,” and ‘The Power of One’ gives lessons about “courage over adversity.” People also tweeted about the importance of family. “Big Daddy made me see how my dad is important in my life,” says @karolenpassos.


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Tom Cruise fans also submitted their vote for Tom movies like ‘Jerry Maguire’, ‘Top Gun’, ‘A Few Good Men’, ‘Vanilla Sky’ and ‘Valkyrie’. Movies not only inspire love, but mark life stages such as adolescence and even influence life decisions. ‘Jerry Maguire’ changed someone’s view on love, ‘Top Gun’, marked a childhood milestone, ‘A Few Good Men’ influenced someone to go to law school, ‘Vanilla Sky’ made someone “appreciate life so much more” and ‘Valkyrie’ was described as a “true epic.”

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Movies certainly play a big role in people’s lives, whether you work in the movie industry, are a film buff, or a regular moviegoer. Great movies are a reason to celebrate a full life, true love, intense passion, pivotal times in history, milestones in life, and family bonds, to mention a few.

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  • Luciana

    Well, I love movies but one of them that definately changed my life was “The Truman Show”

  • Danieliitaw’*

    hey @TomCruise i’m daniela i’m a huge fan of u ,i’m from mexico ,i think that you are the best actor of all & the more sexy :DD ,i’m 14 years old ,the movies what change my life was …the notebook wOw a beautiful movie ,mission imposible gosh to many action on that film and war of the worlds what a incredible movie and the efects !! i love uuuuuu so much tom cruise u shold to win a oscar now!! ,and you’re daughter suri is so beautiful and lovely and you’re wife too ,well please add me to your followers … !!

  • Chris Bryan

    My favorite movies are:

    a whole list of them. my first “R” rated movie isn’t really one of them – it isn’t amongst my list of favorite movies. I like movies like _Star_Wars_ and _Lord_of_the_Rings_ and some other movies as well.

    Chris Bryan

  • Michele Quitete

    I just wanted to say you’re a guy note 1000 and I admire your work

  • susanj

    Although i like tom cruise movies the life shaping ones have to be John Wayne and Yul Brenner.The westerns and the big movies.Its obvious tom cruise has studied his craft.
    The magnificent seven and clint and ‘ move your blooming arse ‘ are character shaping

  • Harriette Schwartz

    I would love to be a contributing writer to your blog.

    A movie that changed my life is SOMEWHERE IN TIME. This film is a beautiful presentation of passion which simply transcends all the barriers of time. It shows us how a modern man knew from a glance at an old photo that the woman in it was looking at him and adoringly calling to him to, “return to her”. The music is astoundingly gorgeous. The chemistry between the late Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour simply pops off the celluloid. It is no coincidence that those involved in producing this picture came together to produce it, for this was meant to be. I am ever hopeful as Reeve’s character is and just as crushed each and every time he finds that penny in his pocket, which hurtles him back to the future and away from his love.

    I know now and derived from this film that all the great loves of our lives surround us beyond our lifetimes. They are present in every moment, even before you discover them. Learning that some things are meant to be removed my fears and opened me to my belief in the afterlife. Many will scoff and bristle even at the use of the term, “afterlife.” I used to. However, I no longer subscribe to or simply chalk signs up to coincidence. I am more attuned and I realize that the people who love you are always “somewhere in time” surrounding us.

  • http://twitter melanie bartropp

    Trainspotting changed my life , i know talk to kids in schools and i am writing a book a hard hitting true story about my life and the hell i went though and the things i saw in them years . but i was given another chance and took it with open arms.

  • Harriette Schwartz

    Most children adore being frightened by films or books. Witness my daughter Merelle, now 23. As a little girl she was mesmerized by the film, BEETLEJUICE. We had the VHS of it and I had to play that flick over and over for her. I began to think there was something wrong with my little girl, until not long afterwards BEETLEJUICE became a Saturday morning cartoon show. At that point I wiped my brow and sighed in relief to realize that Merelle was just like all the other kids her age. WHEW! Actually in that respect she was just like her mom at that age and that is because many children like the “safe” feeling of fear. Somehow they are able to define the line that separates their own reality and make believe, “evil”. True many kids cannot do this and for them goblins, ghosts and ghouls or a film like BEETLEJUICE are a bad choice. One cannot make generalizations here and good parenting must come into play. For instance my youngest sister, now 55 was frightened to tears by the DRAGNET television show’s theme. My parents literally used to have to run over to the TV set and turn the sound off when the show came on. I think to this day she does not like that music, though at this point it no longer makes her cry.

    The classic film which brought me to the realization that many children like being scared by movies, is the one that initially used to freak the pants off me, THE WIZARD OF OZ. Let us begin with the horrific twister which uprooted Dorothy and Toto, house and all tossing them down in the magically odd land of OZ. From bad witches to talking, apple-tossing trees and flying monkeys it contains a plethora of scary stuff. Most of all it was a story about being ripped from what you know and love, all the people and things that comprise your comfort zone and being on your own for the first time in life. As a child I would sit in front of the television with my sisters and parents to watch the once a year showing of THE WIZARD OF OZ. My sisters and I would cover our eyes with our hands, every now and again stealing glances at the face of the wicked witch as she threatened Dorothy. Man, they made that woman ugly for a reason. Who knew that she had a green face, until we got a color set, not us! Of course the happy ending and its lesson of, “There’s no place like home” made it easy for us to uncover our eyes and breathe a sigh of relief. This movie became a delightfully frightful experience we enjoyed every year, and one we passed onto our children. I mean, what little girl in her right mind didn’t want a pair of ruby slippers, despite the dangers they invited?

    So, what did I learn, and how did THE WIZARD OF OZ change my life? I think most children must invite the fear in at a young age, in order to begin the process of moving along in life, despite our fears. I believe it is a part of growing up and becoming an adult. Just perhaps a fraction of it but a very important one. Films like this get us to step along and think outside the box as we should; it did for me. As little ones we are continually offered comfort zones, as good parenting says we should have. However before we know it, those zones are no longer enough and just like Dorothy we must step into the unknown and move along on our own steam. For me, I believe this film provided some of the impetus I needed to put on those ruby slippers and walk forward into adulthood, fear and all.

  • creonie/Åsa Alexandersson

    Hi Mr Cruise!
    to answer ur Q what movie had change my life!!!
    Well my on movie in my real life course my life had been too much for a short time and i don´t wich my annyme will go throu it. Manny peopel that i have told my life story to looks at me and say waw is it a movie or? i just look back and say well who knows then it is my life!!!

    that the movie which changed my life åsas life the true story lol

    love u (Åsa Alexamdersson)

  • Vladimir Brodsky


  • Alan Bernhoft

    “REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE” not because it was such a great film…(it’s not) but it was the first time I experienced James Dean- an actor who seemed to be approaching film acting like Picasso approached painting. Never seen anything close to what he did on screen since. Something unexpectedly profound, hard to describe. Human.

  • Dawn Logue

    Dear Tom Cruise,

    Many movies have touched my life filling me with emotions that linger for several hours, days, or even a life time. Vanilla Sky is one movie in which fills you with the hope of finding or experiencing your one soul connecting true love. Your joy is then replaced with the emotion of disappointment and despair due to impulsive decission making followed by repercussions of our consequences. Life is full of tough choices and the splice of life enables another way of playing out what might have been. A question I often ask myself…What if I had never made that decision… or if I would have done that instead… how would the consequences have changed my life??? We all may ask ourselves from time to time… What If???
    The Vanilla Skies we have all painted for ourselves may all be questioned and impulsive decision making can have an impact for the rest of our lives. I also enjoyed the undeniable message of chosing life and facing all that life has to offer. It inspires us to believe that no matter how unbearable a situation, life is definitely WORTH LIVING!
    Thank you for producing such an amazing film and I am moved and inspired by it. Every time I watch it, I want to make a little change for the good… for it is the “little things…there’s nothing bigger”. Keep on Inspiring us Tom…we do make changes.

    Much Love Always,
    Dawn Sustek

  • bhanu

    “the dark knight” and “the batman begins”…….it makes me feel good, strong… makes my believe strong in trueness, goodness,

  • karol

    hi tom cruise! I’m your fan from Brazil, you’re an awesome actor, handsome and very funny … Kisses from Brazil, we love you! *-*
    oi tom cruise! sou sua fã do brasil, você é um ótimo ator, lindo e é muito engraçado… beijos do brasil, amamos você! *-*

  • dawne larkin

    ‘T’ has made so many meaningful films. in particular (moved me in very good ways)…..-’jerry mcguire’, ‘born on the 4th of july’, ‘war of the worlds’, ‘last samurai’, ‘vanilla sky’ (all the MMI + dracula was very daring…what else OMG….and my newest fav character…’les grossman (no kidding! LOL) but, there is NO doubt with each film you bring such a compelling force to the big screen. it is always so interesting to see how you respond to given situations… it. just love it!! YOU are a generous soul and we’re thankful : )

  • frances ofalsa

    THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS really changed my outlook in life. One must work and dare if one really wants to live.