Tom Cruise Runs on Rooftops for ‘Knight and Day’ Movie Stunts in Salzburg

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Tom Cruise has been jumping on roofs in Salzburg, Austria and performing his own stunts in his latest movie, ‘Knight and Day,’ starring Cameron Diaz and directed by James Mangold.

Tom was seen running across the rooftops in the “old town” section of the city, according to People magazine. The actor leaped from the rooftop of a building while he stood about 40 feet off the ground.


And as if death-defying rooftop jumps weren’t enough, Cruise leapt from a window ledge and flew through the air upside down, according to the Daily Mail.


Cruise has got a busy week ahead of him: the next scene supposedly set to shoot is a helicopter chase. Talk about putting the “action” in “action comedy!”

Find out what Tom and Cameron had to say about their new movie ‘Knight and Day’ by watching their exclusive interview with “Entertainment Tonight”!

Related Film Facts:
Tom Cruise has filmed several movies on location throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, including ‘Valkyrie,’ ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ and all three of the ‘Mission: Impossible‘ movies.

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