Tom Cruise Thanks Boston for ‘Knight and Day’ Filming!

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Tom Cruise wrote the people of Boston a thank you letter for their consideration and cooperation during the filming of his new movie Knight and Day, starring Cameron Diaz and directed by James Mangold:

To the wonderful people of Boston,

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your warmth and hospitality during our incredible stay here. We absolutely love Boston and will treasure our memories of the freedom trail, the Duck Tours, the museums, restaurants, gorgeous parks and, of course, our unforgettable runs around the Charles River.  It was an autumn to remember!

On behalf of the cast and crew of ‘Knight and Day’ we thank you for being so accommodating, patient and understanding throughout our filming. By lending us the beauty of your city you’ve made this film something truly special. Words can only begin to express our appreciation.

I’d like to give a very special ‘shout-out’ to our local crew who were impeccable. It was a great pleasure working with you.

We wish for you a very happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Tom Cruise

Tom and the rest of the Knight and Day cast and crew are headed to Europe to shoot scenes — stay tuned to find out where they’re headed! In the meantime, check out Tom’s interview with Cameron Diaz while they were shooting in Boston on Entertainment Tonight!

P.S. Check out this clip of Tom with the fans in Boston!:

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Click to add this Blog to Your iGoogle Page! Webmaster here, my apologies for mistakenly calling the Charles River, the “St. Charles River” while adding Tom’s message to the blog, this has been corrected.

  • http://n/a nina iglesias

    Greetings I’ve been enjoying watching all your movies since The Outsiders I am looking forward to seeing your next movie Knight & Day, wish it were sooner! Keep up the great work, you are such a versatile & wonderful actor.
    Many thanks for contributing your talents to the entertainment industry & and your movie fans.
    Cheers to your thanks giving season, we dont really celebrate it till december in Australia!

  • miss sweet

    i love yom cruise i love him alot